Your elected Councillors are here to make a difference!

The Councillors serving the Parish of Kings Somborne are elected/co-opted to serve the local community for four years.

The range of powers councils have are many and varied and include the purchase of land and buildings, providing and maintaining village greens, the provision of recreational facilities, crime prevention measures, and traffic calming.

You may wish to contact your local parish or town council about any issues arising in your local community.

The King’s Somborne Parish Council Councillors’ code of conduct applies to any a member of King’s Somborne Parish Council when acting in his/her role as a Councillor, Clerk, Co-Optee or any other appointment for or on behalf of The Council

You can find a recent copy of the Code here

The first point of contact for the Council is the Clerk & Proper Officer

Jordan Dudley, Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer to King’s Somborne Parish Council


Phone: 07572313270