The Somborne Stream and flooding – 2020.

In order to help prevent the stream from flooding it is important that weed growth is closely control, particularly during the spring and early summer. Weed clearance can be undertaken at any time during the Winter Open Period (14 October 2019 until 26 April 2020) but during the summer is closely controlled. In our area of the Test Valley the Environment Agency there set times in the summer when weed and bank vegetation can be cut and allowed to pass down the river system to be collected at the boom at Timsbury near Romsey.

These dates for 2020 are:

13th – 23rd June

18th – 25th July

22nd – 29th August.

If weed or bank vegetation is cut at other times during the spring and summer designated times, it should be removed and not allowed to travel downstream or fines may be issued.

Riparian owners and volunteers are encouraged to support us in keeping the stream in good condition and the water flowing freely and during weed cut times helping by passing weed down the river system. Only by a concerted effort by volunteers and all riparian owners can we help to avoid the destructive floods we have seen in the past.

The Council are very grateful for any assistance with this effort, and volunteers should contact Cllr Beacham on