I am a relative newcomer to the village, however my husband and I have lived in Romsey as well as several surrounding villages.

We started property renovations and then a self-build as a means to an end but enjoyed it so much we couldn’t stop!

Choosing to do these projects the hard way by living on-site in caravans and once in a garage, it was hard work and stressful at times, as my husband worked unpredictable shifts and I had a Hair and Beauty business employing around 14 staff, but it was very rewarding and gave us a great sense of achievement.

Our daughter Hannah and family moved into the village at the same time as us and her husband has recently started up his own business based in the village, so as our two grandchildren also attend the village school, I think our moving days are finally over.

Having grown up in rural countryside near to a village, I am very keen to preserve the rural heritage and maintain village amenities. If I could achieve anything by becoming a parish councillor it would be to ensure the safety of pedestrians especially the children who walk to school.

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Contact Details

m: Firtree Cottage
Winchester Road

e: sharon.dack@kingssomborne-pc.gov.uk