I was a Mechanical Engineer by profession with a Master’s degree in Project Management and a Fellow of two Chartered Institutes. I spent over 35 years in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry managing multi billion dollar projects through all phases of the work from design through construction to the installation and commissioning of the facilities. This gave us the opportunity to travel the world as a family, which included spending four years in both Brunei and Australia.

My wife Lin and I moved from Buckinghamshire to King’s Somborne in 2006. We have two grown up children and a Labrador/ Cocker Spaniel cross called Barney. I thought retirement would give me the opportunity and time to use my experience to assist the Parish Council in their work and was originally elected in the May 2011 council election. Since then I have been happy to support all areas of the council’s remit but believe strongly that our children are our future. In that respect I have taken on the position of Liaison for Schools and Young People

My other interests include golf, which seems to be getting worse the more I play instead of better, gardening, and cooking. I have always enjoyed fishing and one day I’d like to take up trout fishing if I ever get the time.

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Planning Committee, Scouts and School liaison, Young People, Horsebridge liaison

Contact Details

t: 01794 389373

e: royston.curtis@btinternet.com