Parish Council
“Quality Parish Council” status awarded

Quality Parish Accreditation

The Parish Council is very proud to announce that it has been awarded Quality Parish status under the Government’s Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme which was introduced in 2003. By acquiring Quality status, the Parish Council has demonstrated that it is representative of and actively involved with all parts of the community, that it is competent and effectively managed with councillors and staff upholding a high standard of conduct and that it is capable of taking on an enhanced role in the management of local affairs and working in partnership with other organisations and agencies. In short, the Parish Council is now one step nearer bringing more local leadership and capability directly to the area that councillors represent.

The actual process entailed the Clerk gaining the Certificate in Local Council Administration awarded by the University of Gloucester and the preparation and submission of a portfolio detailing the Council’s policies and practices, supported by copies of minutes, photographic and other evidence of how the Council delivers services to the local community and proof of its accurate and transparent financial arrangements. The portfolio was then assessed by a panel drawn from members of the County Council, other local councils and co-ordinated by the Hampshire Association of Town and Parish Councils. Accreditation allows the Council to display the QP logo on its documents and correspondence to mark this achievement.

Future benefits of accreditation, apart from providing reassurance to both councillors and the electorate that matters are being managed in the best interests of the community, will become apparent as plans for reorganising local government come into being and parish councils have a stronger to play. The Boundary Committee’s ‘Overview Report on Local Government Reorganisation’ stated that the Committee saw a role for high performing parish councils and your King’s Somborne Parish Council looks forward to accepting greater responsibility in managing local affairs in the future.

Recognition of the award was marked by a presentation ceremony on 10 October 2006 at which the Chairman of the County Council presented a certificate marking this achievement.