Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee

held in the Epworth Hall at 6.30pm on Monday 4 June 2018

 Present:                 Cllr Harwood (Chairman), Cllrs Curtis, Townsend and Webb

In attendance:     Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Public Session:    5 members of the public were present

  1. Election of Vice-Chairman

 67.1        Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Webb, RESOLVED that Cllr Curtis be elected Vice-Chairman of the Planning Committee for 2018 – 19.

  1. Apologies

 68.1        None.

 Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 May 2018

 69.1        The minutes of the meeting held on 4 June 2018 had been circulated with the agenda.

69.2        Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Webb, RESOLVED unanimously that the mjnutes of the meeting held on 14 May 2018 be accepted as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising

70.1        There were no matters arising.

  1. Declarations of Interests and Requests for Dispensations

 71.1        None.

  1. Consideration of Planning Applications

*  18/01167/FULLS – The Laurels, Romsey Road – single storey rear extension to provide additional living space and utility room – support

  • Cllr Townsend arrived at this point
  • 18/01163/CLPS – The Herra, Furzedown Road – certificate of proposed lawful development for a single storey rear extension to form orangery – support
  • 18/00546/FULLS – land adjacent to 5 Riverside Green – erect 2 bed dwelling (amended plan) – councillors accepted in good faith that the applicant had reached agreement with TVBC over the remaining matters of concern ie location of gas tanks and protection of the Walnut tree roots and that the covenant restriction fell outside of planning consideration and supported the amended plan
  • 18/01213/TREES – Yew in Church Yard – reduce lateral branches to previous pruning points – support
  • 18/01222/TREES – 3 Nutchers Drove – fell one Sycamore – support
  • 18/01340/LBWS – Stafford lodge, Winchester Road – replace existing timber windows of west elevation with Hampshire style timber casement windows – support
  • 18/01251/FULLS – Dove Cottage, Muss Lane – reconstruction of main chimney to raise height to 1.55m including pot and modern rear chimney to rear to incorporate a lead tray – support
  • 18/01289/TPOS – 3 Kings Acre – fell one Field Maple – support
  • 18/01292/FULLS – Briar Cottage, Winchester Road – erect double garage and log store – support
  • 73.          Report on Recent Planning Applications
  • 18/00976/TREES – Okanagan, Romsey Road – fell 6m row of conifers – support. Permitted.
  • 74.          Clerk’s Report
  • 74.1        Advance notification had been received of an intention to apply for plannjng permission to build 5 four bedroom houses at the end of the off shoot cul de sac at the top of Muss Lane. Councillors agreed to invite the developer’s representatives to attend the next meeting to expand on their plans.
  • 75.          Date, time and place of next meeting – Monday 18 June 2018 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne
  • There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.00pm