Parish Council


Planning minutes 3 June 2013

Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee
held in the Epworth Hall at 6.30pm on Monday 3 June 2013
Present: Cllr Harwood (Chairman), Cllrs Curtis, Lane and Mercer    
In attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)
Public Session: No members of the public were present.
34. Apologies
34.1 Cllrs Herbert and Werrett.
35. Election of Vice-Chairman
35.1 Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Curtis, RESOLVED unanimously that Cllr Lane be re-elected Vice- Chairman of the Planning Committee for 2013 – 14.
36. Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 April 2013
36.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 22 April 2013 had been circulated with the agenda. 
36.2 Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Lane,  RESOLVED with Cllr Mercer abstaining (absent)  that the minutes of the meeting held on 22 April 2013 be accepted as a true record.
37. Matters Arising
37.1 There were no matters arising.
38. Declarations of Interests and Dispensations
38.1 None declared.
39. Consideration of Planning Applications
• 13/01039/Trees – Crown Hill Cottage, Romsey Road – reduce Sycamore to hedge height – support
40. Report on Recent Planning Applications
• 12/02173/EXTS – 25 Nutchers Drove – renewal of permission to erect a 3 bed detached dwelling – no objection.  Permitted.
• 12/02596/FULLS – 2 Redhill Cottages, Winchester Road – erect three bed dwelling – objection on the grounds of poor access along a bridle way (Clarendon Way), risk of flooding, no firm indication in plans on sewage disposal and overlooking adjacent properties.  Refused as proposal fails to integrate in immediate area re height and design and adversely affects neighbouring properties and pedestrian facilities and also lacks adequate flood resistance measures 
• 13/00047/LBWS – Hayes, Romsey Road – timber frame repairs – support.  Permitted.
• 13/00367/FULLS – Lower Eldon Farmhouse, Compton Manor – erection of 3 stables and a tack room – support.  Permitted.
• 13/00779/LBWS – Austins Cross Cottage, Church Road – replace domestic heating boiler with condensing boiler – support. Permitted.
41. Clerk’s Report
41.1 Nothing to report.
42. Date, time and place of next meeting – Monday 17 June 2013 at7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne 
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.10pm