Parish Council

Planning minutes 17 March 2014


Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee
held in the Village Hall at 7.00pm on Monday 17 March 2014

Present: Cllr Harwood (Chairman), Cllrs Curtis, Lane and Werrett

In attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Public Session: No members of the public were present.

18. Apologies

18.1 None.

19. Minutes of the Meeting held on 3 February 2014

19.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 3 February 2014 had been circulated previously; the meeting scheduled for 3 March was not quorate.

19.2 Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Curtis, RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 3 February 2014 be accepted as a true record.

20. Matters Arising

20.1 None.

21. Declarations of Interests and Requests for Dispensations

21.1 No Interests declared or Dispensations sought.

22. Consideration of Planning Applications

• 14/00216/TREES – Snowdrop Cottage, Winchester Road – crown reduce by 3m – support

• 14/00345/TREES – Garden Lodge, Winchester Rood – remove Norway Spruce – support

• 14/00334/TREES – Jasmine Cottage, Winchester Road – remove one Holly, crown thin one Canadian Fir by 10%

• 14/00232/FULLS – A F Monk (Rookley) Ltd, Rookley Farm, Up Somborne – boiler house for new biomass heating system – support

• 14/00398/ FULLS – Marsh Court –restoration and alteration to ancillary buildings, reopening of west porch, alterations to east wing, reconstruction of north elevation, rainwater drainage improvements, restoration of leaded light glazing to garage block and other improvements – support

• 14/00430/FULLS – Sunnyside View, Stockbridge Road – construct 3 office buildings – support

• 14/00539/TPOS – 8 Camp Field – crown lift one Lime to 4m – support

23. Report on Recent Planning Applications

• 13/02497/FULLS – Furzedown Farm, Furzedown Road – restoration and change of use of outbuilding and greenhouse to provide 3 bed single storey dwelling with office space – support. Members noted the apparent incorrect response to Q18 in the application ie change of use of non-residential floor space. Application withdrawn

• 13/02289/Trees – Bramleys, Muss Lane – fell one Silver Birch and one Conifer – support. Permitted.

• 13/02644/TREES – 24 Nutchers Drove – reduce 5 Firs and remove one Scots Pine – support. Permitted.

• 13/02628/FULLS – BT telephone exchange, Romsey Road – install one ventilation louvre and one external ventilation unit – support. Permitted.

• 13/02691/TREES – Woodlings, Winchester Road – fell three Silver Birch and one Fir – support. Permitted.

• 13/02716/LBWS – White Chapel – retrospective – install velux roof light and stove pipe, internal construction of fire breast and flue for wood burning stove – support. Permitted.

• 14/00115/FULLS – 8 Nutchers Drove – remove kitchen window and replace with French doors, remove existing utility room door and brick up opening – support. Permitted.

• 14/00169/TPOS – Hill House, Strawberry Lane – pollard one Maple to align with hedge – support. Refused as pollarding not considered necessary when crown lifting would suffice.

• 14/00216/TREES – Snowdrop Cottage, Winchester Road – crown reduce by 3m – support. Permitted.

24. Clerk’s Report

24.1 The Clerk reported that an appeal by the owner of 8 Camp Field against the refusal to allow the pollarding of one Lime had been rejected and that Forest Extra had appealed against the refusal to allow a material change of use.

25. Date, time and place of next meeting – Monday 7 April 2014 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall, Romsey Road, King’s Somborne

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.15pm