Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee

held in the Epworth Hall at 6.30pm on Monday 1 April 2019


Present:               Cllr Harwood (Chairman), Cllrs Curtis, A Townsend and Webb


In attendance:    Mrs G Foster (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)


Public Session:   3 Members of the public were present


  1. Apologies


41.1       Cllr Dack.


  1. Minutes of the Meeting held on 04 March 2019


42.1       The minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2019 had been circulated with the agenda.


42.2       Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr A Townsend, RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 04 March 2019 be accepted as a true record.


  1. Matters Arising


43.1       There were no matters arising.


  1. Declarations of Interests and Requests for Dispensations


44.1       None declared.


  1. Consideration of Planning Applications


  • 19/00650/TPOS Trees    The Cruck Cottage Winchester Road

1 No. Prunus Kanzan – Crown reduce by up to 3.5 metres, remove excessive deadwood and thin epicormic growth by 30% – SUPPORT


  • 19/00575/FULLS Building           The Old Yard, Sunnyside View Stockbridge Road

Change of Use of ‘The Old Yard’ from B1 building to D1 – SUPPORT


  • 19/00733/FULLS Building           Briar Cottage Winchester Road

Erection of three bay detached garage (Amended scheme) – SUPPORT


  1. Report on Recent Planning Applications


  • 18/03161/FULLS – Pepperwood Park, Hoplands – convert equestrian building to provide 2 staff accommodation units (part retrospective) – support.


  • 18/03326/TREES – 3 Old Iron Foundry – Five Acer reduce height by 2m, Yew reduce and reshape by 1.5m – support. Permitted


  • 19/00241/TREES – 1 Kings Acre – Privet, 3 Beech, one fig and one Magnolia – reduce height by up to 1.5m – support.


  • 19/00261/TPOS – 1 Kings Acre – Lawson Cypress – reduce height by up to 2.5 – support.


  1. Clerk’s Report


47.1       Nothing to report.


  1. Date, time and place of next meeting – Monday 15 April 2019 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 6.45pm