Parish Council

Parish Council minutes September 2006


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

held in the Epworth Hall, King’s Somborne

commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 4 September 2006

Present: Cllr R B W Dyke (Acting Chairman)

Cllr A Gannaway (Items 12, 14 – 19 only)

Cllr R Harwood

Cllr S Geary-Harwood

Cllr R Lane

Cllr G Pearson

Cllr D Room

In Attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Public Session: Three members of the public, including the Footpath Warden and Reverend Stapleton, were present for part of the meeting. Cllr Dyke reminded everyone that the public session was a time when any matters of interest or general concern could be brought to the Parish Council’s attention and he expressed the hope that more people would take advantage of this in the future.

1. Announcements by the Chairman

1.1 The Acting Chairman welcomed everyone to this landmark meeting of the Parish Council, the first since the Council had been awarded Quality Status. Thanks were expressed to the Clerk for his guidance and effort expended in producing the portfolio which had led to successful accreditation.

1.2 Cllr Dyke also confirmed that the new tenants of the Crown Inn had stated they hoped to be open for business during the third week in September. Members agreed that every support should be given to them in order to make their tenancy a success.

2. Reports from the Tree Warden, Footpath Warden and others

2.1 No replacement had come forward for the Footpath Warden as yet but Cllr Dyke had a possibility he would explore.

Action: Cllr Dyke

2.2 In the absence of the Tree Warden, the Clerk informed Members that a report would be given at the next meeting on ideas for tree planting around the Parish; that arrangements would be made to pollard the lime trees in the Churchyard; and that a tree preservation order had been placed on a variety of trees at Ashley Glebe Farm and Farmhouse.

3. Apologies

3.1 Apologies were received from Cllrs Bevan, Bidwell and Pidgeon and also the Tree Warden and Village Correspondent.

12. To consider approval in principle the installation of a Trim Trail

12.1 Cllr Pearson updated Members on the plans for a Trim Trail on the 3 Fields site explaining that the proposed trail would border each of the three fields with an optional fence in Top Field giving a distance of some 800m allowing the installation of 27 different exercises. Applications for funding would be made to the Big Lottery, Defra Rural Enterprise Scheme, TVBC and HCC, the estimated total cost being in the region of £10,000 plus VAT. The concept at the moment envisaged the removal of the dividing fence between Top Field and the others and Cllr Harwood expressed his concern at this and reminded Members that originally it had been decided to use the fields for grazing to produce an income for the Parish. The Clerk commented that the terms of the lease allowed for grazing and undertook to investigate with TVBC the opportunities for installing the Trail. Further discussion was deferred until the next meeting.

Action: Clerk

4. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3 July 2006

4.1 Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Pearson, RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 3 July 2006 be approved.

5. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes

5.1 Kissing gate. The Countryside Access Forum had agreed to fund up to 50% of the cost of the new gate which had been delivered and would be installed shortly. It was thought the old kissing gate could be installed on the footpath at the far end of the field adjacent to Meadowbank on Romsey Road; the Clerk would investigate.

Action: Clerk

5.2 Skate ramp. Work was now completed on the skate ramp.

5.4 Tennis facility. The initial meeting of those who had expressed an interest in a tennis facility had been poorly attended. However, the tennis group would continue their investigations into the feasibility of the project.

5.6 Junior football pitch surface. It was thought that resurfacing work should be delayed until the off-season in 2007. Cllr Lane would obtain an estimate of costs.

Action: Cllr Lane

14.6 Top Field grazing. The option of leasing Top Field for grazing had not been taken up. Cllr Harwood expressed the view that the Council should advertise that it had grazing land available but it was then thought that further discussion on this should be deferred until the next meeting.

15. Highway matters. HCC had responded that it was never a firm commitment to redress road surfaces in the Village with low noise dressings. Whilst Winchester Road had now been redressed with stone, no date was yet available for redressing Romsey Road.

6. Declarations of Interest

6.1 No declarations of interest were made.

7. To consider Correspondence Received

7.1 Details of correspondence received since the last meeting had been circulated with the agenda; the actual correspondence was available at the meeting for Members to peruse, as required. The Clerk drew attention to correspondence received since circulation of the meeting papers.

7.2 Following on from the recently circulated notes on the code of conduct, Cllr Pearson drew Members’ attention to a recent newspaper article highlighting some extreme interpretations of the code by local council monitoring officers, not least that councillors with cars were not allowed to debate park and ride schemes in their areas, and all present hoped that common sense would prevail in our area.

7.3 A letter from the National Grid Gas office advised the installation of a commercial supply pipe line from Barton Stacey to Lockerley in Spring 2008 and caused some discussion on the possible public need for domestic mains gas in the Village; the Clerk would investigate any proposed plans with National Grid Gas.

Action: Clerk

8. Report on Planning Applications Considered

8.1. The following responses had been made on recent planning applications received:

06/01343/FULLS – High Bank house, Up Somborne Lane – erection of two single storey extensions to rear and single storey extension to side – no objection

06/01894/FULLS – land adjacent to Hoplands Equestrian Centre – erection of new key worker’s dwelling – objection on the grounds of size and location fall outside the TVBC adopted guidelines on such developments

06/02030/FULLS – Brook House, Old Vicarage Lane – erection of a garden shed – no objection

06/02192/FULLS – Pear Tree Cottage, Romsey Road – relocation of boiler flue on south west roof – no objection

06/02351/FULLS – Bere Cottage, Furzedown Road – erection of gazebo – no objection

06/02352/Trees – 6 New Cottages, Furzedown Road – remove cherry tree – support

06/02493/TPOS – 5 Camp Field – to crown lift lime tree by 50% – support but limited to 30%

06/02702/Trees – Yew Tree House, Romsey Road – prune ash – no objection

8.2 Cllr Harwood commented on a flower business and waste disposal being carried on in a barn at March Court Farm and the belief that this should be the subject of a planning application; the Clerk confirmed action was in hand by TVBC.

Cllr Gannaway arrived at this point in the meeting

9. RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring

9.1 An analysis of budget against actual spend to date, together with a forecast out-turn had been circulated with the agenda papers. The RFO gave a verbal presentation on the Council’s financial state of affairs at the end of the fifth month into the financial year when 42% of the annual budget had been expended to date. The combined bank balances stood at £39859.33p.

10. Payment of Accounts

10.1 Proposed Cllr Dyke, Seconded Cllr Room, RESOLVED unanimously that the following accounts be paid:

To For Net VAT Gross Chq

NALC QP accreditation fee 29.38 29.38 1236

Bishopstoke Parish Council Broadband 15.00 15.00 1237

Mr P J Storey Salary and expenses 407.48 407.48 1238

Revenue and Customs Tax 246.78 246.78 1239

TVBC Grazing rights 1.00 1.00 1240

Everest Construction Two notice boards 1410.70 246.87 1657.57 1241

Mr M Rebbeck Misc works 598.00 598.00 1242

TVBC Grass cutting 650.70 113.87 764.57 1243

Total for August 3359.04 360.74 3719.78

BPC Broadband 15.00 15.00 1244

Mr P J Storey Salary and expenses 409.18 409.18 1245

Revenue and Customs Tax 246.78 246.78 1246

Leisuremark Ltd Skate board work 1932.00 338.10 2270.10 1247

Wansbroughs VAT on fees 189.78 189.78 1248

CPRE Subscription 26.00 26.00 1249

Centrewire Ltd Kissing gate 226.00 39.55 265.55 1250

Mr M Rebbeck Misc works 418.00 418.00 1251

Total for September 3272.96 567.43 3840.39

Action: Clerk

11. To consider and, if appropriate, approve a grant to Vitalise

11.1 An application for grant aid had been received from Vitalise to assist them in funding respite holidays for carers and those in care.

11.2 Proposed Cllr Dyke, Seconded Cllr Gannaway, RESOLVED with Cllrs Pearson and Harwood abstaining, that £50 be granted towards the fundraising efforts of Vitalise.

13. To receive reports from Members on external meetings at which they have represented the Parish Council or have attended in any other capacity

13.1 No reports were presented.

14. Parish Plan

14.1 Cllr Dyke reminded Members that we were now nearing the end of the third quarter of the year and they should be prepared to report progress on their particular areas of responsibility at the next meeting.

Action: All

15. Clerk’s Report

15.1 HCC had written seeking bids under the continuing initiative for providing street lighting with partnership funding; no immediate projects within the Parish came to mind.

15.2 The recent RoSPA inspection of the King’s Somborne children’s play area had recommended that a litter bin be installed within the fenced play area. The Clerk had identified a suitable supplier at a cost of £76.31 plus delivery and that Mr Rebbeck could install.

15.3 Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Pearson, RESOLVED unanimously that a litter bin be purchased at a cost of £76.31 plus delivery for Mr Rebbeck to install in the King’s Somborne children’s play area.

15.4 A local resident had written to the Clerk following a recent road accident at the junction of Romsey Road and Cow Drove Hill recommending the installation of safety mirrors. Earlier comment from HCC indicated that there was little support or need given the lack of supporting evidence; however, the Clerk had forwarded details to both HCC and the local police for comment.

15.5 The Horticultural Society had again requested use of the King’s Somborne recreation field for their annual flower show to be held on 28 July 2007.

15.6 The Clerk confirmed he was in the process of inviting tenders for the gang mowing and grass cutting contracts for the next year and, as a result of a suggestion by Cllr Harwood, would also seek tenders for a three year period.

15.6 A request had been received from the Fabric Committee of the PCC for funding the replacement of a ladder and the strengthening of the platform leading to the parish-owned clock installed in the Church tower. A total of £1116 was being sought. It was agreed that the Clerk should liaise further with the PCC before Members could reach a decision.

Action: Clerk

15.7 A new patrol sergeant, Sergeant Curtis, had arrived at Stockbridge Police Station, taking over from Sgt Ashbolt who had retired, and Members thought it a good idea to invite him to the next and subsequent meetings.

Action: Clerk

15.8 HAPTC were organising a series of training seminars for councillors at a cost of £25 per delegate. Cllr Harwood expressed interest in the seminar on 12 October and Cllr Room in that on 21 November.

15.9 Proposed Cllr Lane, Seconded Cllr Gannaway, RESOLVED unanimously that fees for the seminar attendance amounting to £50 be paid on behalf of those attending.

15.10 The Parish Council would be awarded its Quality Parish certificate at a ceremony on the evening of Tuesday 10 October and up to 6 councillors could attend with the Clerk. Full details would be circulated later but Cllrs Dyke, Geary-Harwood, Lane and Room expressed an interest in attending; Cllr Bidwell would be able to attend as a member of the HAPTC Executive Committee.

16. Highway Matters

16.1 Consideration was being given by the Traffic Management Officer (TMO) to install a speed indicating device for a trial period on the Romsey Road and recommendations by the Parish Council were being sought as to where the device should be located. Although a number of accidents occurred on the ‘narrows’ on Romsey Road, Members’ preference was for the device to be located south of the school and the TMO should be informed accordingly.

Action: Clerk

17. Test Valley Borough Council Matters

17.1 No matters were tabled.

18. Recreational Facilities and Cemetery

18.1 Cllr Pearson raised the matters of graffiti on children’s play equipment and the bus shelters, coppicing the Churchyard trees and replacing the missing dragon’s teeth on the recreation ground and Cllr Gannaway highlighted the need to repair/replace a broken footpath sign; the Clerk would follow these up. Cllr Pearson also thought it appropriate for dogs to be on leads when being exercised on the recreation ground and further consideration would be given to this.

Action: Clerk

18.2 Cllr Lane reported the return of rabbit holes in the Up Somborne recreation ground which could lead to injury. The Clerk agreed to arrange for remedial action in due course and also to look at the need to replace the Jubilee seat.

Action: Clerk

18.3 Cllr Dyke had received a request for the stream to be cleared of vegetation. This was the responsibility of the Environment Agency whom the Clerk would approach.

Action: Clerk

18.4 Cllr Harwood was concerned at the way youngsters climbed onto the roof of the Village Hall to retrieve footballs and suggested that thought be given to some form of fencing. However, it was generally agreed there was no easy way of preventing this and little could be done for the moment.

19. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting

19.1 The next meeting of the Parish Council would be on Monday 2 October 2006 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, King’s Somborne.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the Meeting at 9.20pm

Clerk to the Council