Parish Council

Parish Council minutes June 2008

King’s Somborne Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held in the Epworth Hall
commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 2 June 2008

Present: Cllr R Dyke (Chairman)
Cllr R BevanCllr D BidwellCllr F Fahy (Item 4 onwards)Cllr R Harwood (Item 4 onwards)Cllr R LaneCllr G PearsonCllr R PidgeonCllr D RoomCllr J Werrett

In Attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)
Public Session Dr Stephen Rake the Footpath Warden, PC M Benton and Mrs J Finch the Village Correspondent, were present for part of the meeting.

1. Apologies for Absence

1.1 None.

2. Announcements by the Chairman

2.1 None.

3. To receive reports from the Tree Warden, Footpath Warden and others

3.1 PC Benton advised that those with exposed oil storage tanks should attempt to hide them with bushes and make them more difficult to access, as well as taking advice from their insurers, in view of the recent spate of oil tank thefts. Dr Rake confirmed that there had been another successful footpath walk and that the oil pipeline work had not as yet affected any of the footpaths in the Parish.

4. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 12 May 2008

4.1 Proposed Cllr Bevan, Seconded Cllr Pidgeon, RESOLVED unanimously that the Minutes of the meeting held on 12 May 2008 be accepted as a true record.

5. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes

5.1 Item 19. It was noted that more consultation was planned between TVBC and parishes about the expending of Section 106 monies, those payments made by developers for community improvements, and a consultation document would be circulated. Action: Clerk to progress the consultation document

6. Declarations of Interest

6.1 None declared.

7. To consider Correspondence Received and determine any action required

7.1 Details of correspondence received since the last meeting had been circulated with the agenda papers. Since then, consultation documents on the Adult Services Grants programme and the South East Plan for mineral aggregates had been received and these were to be reviewed by Cllrs Fahy and Harwood respectively.

Action: Cllrs Fahy and Harwood

8. To receive reports on Planning Applications considered

8.1 The following responses had been made to recent planning applications received:

* 08/1175/1176/FULLS – Upper House, Up Somborne – dormers and windows to rear, balcony to front and orangery to side – no objection

8.2 The Clerk reported on the following determinations:

* 08/00972/Trees – The Old Vicarage – fell three Poplars – approved

* 08/00100/LBWS – War Memorial – name addition – approved

* 08/00653/FULLS – Hawthorns, Winchester Road – conservatory – approved

* 08/00811/FULLS – Willowside, Winchester Road – first floor extension, dormer window and canopy roof extension to rear – approved

* 08/00834/FULLS – 3 Marsh Court Farm Cottages – rear/side single roof extension and pitched roof – approved

9. To receive the RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring

9.1 A budget monitoring report had been circulated with the agenda showing the income and expenditure to date. The Clerk confirmed that the current bank balances totalled £48,459.81. Cllr Harwood sought to identify possible surpluses under some budget headings such as Insurance for possible reallocation later in the year.

10. To approve Payments of Accounts

10.1 Proposed Cllr Pidgeon, Seconded Cllr Bevan, RESOLVED unanimously that the following accounts be approved for payment:

To For Net VAT Gross Chq
Mr P Storey Salary/expenses 562.78 562.78 1428

HMRC Tax/ Employer’s NIC 195.49 195.49 1429

Bishopstoke PC Shared costs 38.25 38.25 1430

Broker Network Ltd Insurance premium 1361.38 1361.38 1431

Mr M Rebbeck Grounds maint 766.00 766.00 1432

Totals 2923.90 2923.90

11. To consider the implications of using private computers for Council business business

11.1 Cllr Werrett had previously raised the matter of liability if a virus was sent from a private computer being used by a councillor on council business and the Clerk had been advised that this situation was being reviewed the National Association but in the meantime the advice was to (a) be careful and (b) undertake a risk assessment and produce a policy covering such a risk. No such assessments or policies appeared to exist at parish level but the Clerk would follow up with HALC.

Action: Clerk

12. To consider supporting the Air Ambulance gold collection scheme

12.1 The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance was initiating a collection of unwanted gold items to help raise funds and Members gave thought how the Parish Council might assist in advertising the scheme. Cllr Room undertook to redesign the current leaflet in conjunction with the Air Ambulance staff and produce something suitable for insertion in The Gauntlet magazine.

12.2 Proposed Cllr Room, Seconded Cllr Bevan, RESOLVED unanimously that the costs of producing the gold leaflet be met by the Parish Council.

Action: Cllr Room

13. To consider the purchase of dog waste bins along the Trim Trail

13.1 Councillors expressed concern at the attitude of some dog walkers who left dog waste on the Trim Trail when suitable disposal containers were already installed elsewhere on the recreation ground. However, before spending money on the provision of more bins, it was decided that advice from the TVBC Dog Wardens should be obtained and the matter reviewed in three months time.

Action: Clerk

14. To consider the installation of replacement bus shelters and other capital improvements

14.1 Councillors noted there were three bus shelters within the Parish and their replacement would be expensive. This cost had to be offset against usage made and doubt was expressed that this was sufficient to justify a large financial outlay at this time.

14.2 Proposed Cllr Fahy, Seconded Cllr Room, RESOLVED with Cllr Lane against that the Village Green shelter and its base be removed and the situation monitored.

Action: Clerk

15. To receive reports from Members on external meetings at which they had represented the Parish Council or had attended in any other capacity

15.1 Cllr Lane reported on his attendance at the recent meeting of the Test Valley Association of Parish Councils and drew attention to the presentation made on S106 agreements, the concessionary travel scheme and affordable housing plans for the Borough. He also informed Members that TVBC would be introducing its own Standards committee to deal with breaches of conduct as necessary.

16. To receive Councillors’ reports, as appropriate, on action taken including the Parish Plan

16.1 No reports tabled.

17. To receive the Clerk’s monthly report

17.1 The Clerk reported on the proposed changes to the road markings at the junction of Cow Drove Hill to increase the visibility of those leaving to join the Romsey Road and also that he had contacted with the Tarmac site manager about the speed with which trucks entered and left Cow Drove Hill. Cllr Pearson thought it timely for another liaison meeting with Tarmac.

Action: Clerk

18. To consider Highways matters of interest to the Parish

18.1 Cllr Werrett reported that a change in HCC contractors had led to a delay in implementing the various repairs identified in the Parish but any on-going problems caused would be discussed at the next meeting in September. Cllr Fahy commented on a blocked drain on the A3057 that he had repeatedly reported to HCC and Cllr Werrett undertook to circulate contact details of the HCC road engineers to encourage all to report such problems directly. Action: Cllr Werret and All

Clerk’s note: Contact details are – for Highways Defects – To report potholes, highway flooding, blocked gullies, overhanging trees and shrubs please use this. for street lighting defects – To report faulty, broken or damaged street lights For enquiries relating to the general maintenance of the highway

18.2 Cllr Fahy expressed his concern at the manner in which the recently laid surface dressing on the A3057 was breaking up which the Clerk would follow up and the need to keep the drainage gullies clear. Cllr Harwood emphasized the need for road verges to be kept clear and noted that responsibility was shared, those minor ones within the Parish were the responsibility of TVBC whilst those adjacent to main roads such as the A3057 were the responsibility of HCC and that currently they were maintained as required.

Action: Clerk

(Clerk’s note: A3057 repair work will be undertaken on 28/29 June 2008 and will involve closing the road)

19. To consider Test Valley Borough Council matters of interest to the Parish

19.1 The Chairman would contact Borough Cllr Ward for a written report if he was unable to attend.

Action: Cllr Dyke

20. To receive reports on the Parish Recreational facilities

20.1 Councillors noted that graffiti had appeared on some of the Trim Trail information boards. Action: Clerk

21. Date, time and place of next meeting

21.1 The next meeting will be held on Monday 7 July 2008 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, King’s Somborne.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00pm

Clerk to the Council