Parish Council

Parish Council minutes Jan 2011


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held in the Epworth Hallcommencing at 7.00pm

on Monday 10 January 2011

Present: Cllr R Dyke (Chairman) Cllr R Bevan (Items 1 – 10) Cllr D Bidwell Cllr F Fahy Cllr R Harwood Cllr G Pearson Cllr R Pidgeon Cllr D Room Cllr J Werrett

In Attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Public Session County Cllr Gibson reported that all initial bids for grit bins had been processed and that phase 2 for supplementary bins was now being actioned. The Clerk undertook to report empty bins to Hampshire Highways, as necessary. Cllr Gibson also confirmed his efforts to encourage more people to cycle; that a programme of identifying the elderly at risk was in hand; and that community funds existed to preserve local shops in rural communities and that he would be visiting the two shops in the Parish to remind them of the facility.

Borough Cllr Ward commented on the TVBC enforcement team’s actions to deter further planning infringements by local contractors; that Standards Committees were to be abolished with redress being transferred to the courts and that local praise had been received for TVBC’s waste collection services, notably during the recent inclement weather.

PC Williams gave an overview of local crime and the incidence of poaching. He recommended the setting up of local action groups by the community to help identify concerns in the community and with whom the Police could work in the fight against crime. This was noted.

Mr W Hartley of Neighbourhood Watch was also present.

1. Apologies for Absence

1.1 Cllr Lane.

2. Chairman’s announcements and Councillors’ questions

2.1 The Chairman and Cllrs Fahy and Werrett tabled draft designs for an election poster to encourage interest and an article for The Gauntlet which were agreed.

2.2 Cllr Bidwell sought clarification on the system for accepting casual bookings for activities on the recreation grounds and it was agreed that the present system whereby the Clerk co-ordinates these and confirms the indemnity insurance requirements should continue.

3. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6 December 2010

3.1 Proposed Cllr Pidgeon, Seconded Cllr Bevan RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 6 December 2010 be accepted as a true record.

4. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes

4.1 Public Session. The Environment Agency’s response to verge cutting on the stream had been copied to Mr Brock for information. It confirmed that legislation prevented a complete cut back because of the requirement to provide for wild life.

4.2 Para 2.4 Further Cllrs’ Surgeries would be held on Thursday 10 February with Cllrs Bidwell and Pearson and on Thursday 14 April with Cllr Dyke and Pidgeon in attendance. The Clerk would publicise accordingly.

Action: Clerk

5. Declarations of Interest

5.1 None declared.

6. To consider Correspondence Received and determine any action required

6.1 The Clerk drew Members’ attention to recent correspondence received. This included notification o f the next Test Valley Transport Forum which no-one was available to attend and a comprehensive list of comments raised by HALC and three other county associations on the proposed Localism Bill. A letter of thanks had been received from the Test Valley School pupil who had won the prize sponsored by the Council and correspondence had been received from HCC on the initiative to gain more foster carers in the County. There was also notification from the Royal British Legion of its plans to mark its 90th anniversary with a ‘Great Poppy Party Weekend’. Although the Parish Council would not itself be organising any events, it wished to encourage others and the Clerk would liaise with local RBL contacts and event organisers.

Action: Clerk

7. To receive reports on planning applications considered and determined

7.1 The following responses had been made to recent planning applications received:

* 7 Muss Lane – first floor extension and replacement porch – no objection

* 4 and 5 Forge Close – various tree works – no objection

* 3 The Old Iron Foundry – fell one Yew stem – no objection

7.2 The following decisions had been notified by Test Valley Borough Council:

* Park Farm, Somborne Park Road – change of use to residential units with workspaces, rear extension and alterations to internal WC – permitted

* land adjacent to Garlick Lane, Hoplands – erection of building for general agricultural and viticulture use – permitted

* 5 Old Fromans Farm – rear conservatory – permitted

* Ashley Farm – footpath diversion – permitted

* 6 Camp Field – fell one Lime tree – permitted

* 9 Winchester Road – garden shed, gates and new railings to front – permitted

* The Cruck Cottage – new oak stable door to rear – permitted

* Vine Cottage, Old Vicarage Lane – fell one False Acacia – permitted

7.3 The Clerk briefed that the appeal by Mrs Charrington from Horsebridge Station would be heard on 15 February 2011. Cllr Room had written confirming the Council’s support for the application.

8. To receive the RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring 8.1 The Clerk reported that the Internal Auditor had successfully completed an interim audit and that in order to progress the application for on-line banking all bank signatories had to sign the application form which he then tabled.

8.2 A budget monitoring report showing income and expenditure to date had been circulated with the agenda. All noted that 85% of the budget had been spent to date and that the current bank balance stood at £22,924.89.

9. Payment of Accounts

9.1 Proposed Cllr Pidgeon, Seconded Cllr Bevan, RESOLVED unanimously that the following accounts for December be approved for payment:

To For Net VAT Gross Chq
Mr P Storey Salary/expenses 825.56 825.56 1667
BPC Shared costs 169.29 169.29 1668
HMRC Tax/NIC 240.92 240.92 1669
Methodist Church Donation 200.00 200.00 1670
P Reynolds Audit 390.00 390.00 1671
Totals 1825.77 1825.77

10. To receive Councillors’ reports

10.1 Cllr Fahy introduced a wish by the Village Hall Management Committee to install a new notice board at the entrance to the approach slip road from the A3057 to highlight forthcoming Hall activities. It was agreed that this would be considered formally at the next meeting.

Action: Cllr Fahy

Cllr Bevan left the meeting at this point

10.2 Cllr Harwood hoped to have the biodiversity area on 3 Fields prepared for planting within the next few weeks.

10.3 Cllr Bidwell informed the meeting of his wish that the budgeted grant for the Village Hall in the next financial year should be used as a ‘multiplier’ to obtain funds from the Borough and County Capital Grant schemes so far as possible and this was agreed.

11. To receive the Clerk’s monthly report

11.1 The Clerk confirmed that representatives from Hyde Housing and the building contractors would be attending the next meeting to brief on the affordable housing development which had a start work date of March.

11.2 HCC had funded the provision of four snow shovels for each parish council and the Clerk’s suggestion that these should be offered to the Village Hall, pub and Church, was accepted.

11.3 A works order was being placed with the HCC contractor for repair to the damaged railings outside Martin’s Shop and the Clerk had again chased Hampshire Highways for drain and gully clearance around the Parish.

12. Date, time and place of next meeting

12.1 The next meeting will be on Monday 7 February 2011 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, King’s Somborne.

Action: All

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm