Parish Council


Parish Council minutes 4 November 2013

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held in the Epworth Hall
commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 4 November 2013
Present: Cllr R Harwood (Chairman)
Cllr A Brock
Cllr R Curtis
Cllr J Evans
Cllr F Fahy
Cllr R Jackson
Cllr J Werrett
In Attendance:    Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)
Public Session
Mr Vanderpump and Dr Macintosh both spoke of the Village Hall’s desire to effect the transfer of some land ownership to help them when applying for external funding for the proposed extension but no further action was contemplated by the Parish Council pending confirmation of the proposals from Fields in Trust.  It was noted that no change would take place in the role and responsibilities of the Parish Council if ownership transfer took place.  Mr Vanderpump also raised his concern at the length of the recent power failures and the varying times taken to reconnect.  Cllr Brock commented that resupply was dependent upon which circuits were down and the number of users connected to each circuit.  Mr Dyke expressed concern at the removal of the seat by the stream on Winchester Road.
130. Apologies for absence.
130.1 Cllrs Lane and Reeves; B/Cllr Ward.
131. Chairman’s announcements and Councillors’ questions
131.1 The Chairman announced an invitation from the Twinning Association to join with them in June 2014 at a celebratory event in St Paul du Vernay.  This would be considered further when the actual date was confirmed.
132. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 7 October 2013
132.1 Proposed Cllr Curtis, Seconded Cllr Brock, RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 October 2013 be accepted as a true record.
133. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes
133.1 There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere in these minutes.
134. Declarations of Interest and requests for Dispensations
134.1 None declared or sought.
135. To consider Correspondence Received and determine any action required
135.1 The TVBC Mayor had written to encourage all councils to partake fully in the Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day Silences in memory of the Fallen.
135.2 The rejection of the appeal by the Winchester Diocesan Board of Finance to have the allotment land off Church Road deleted from the community right to bid asset list, was noted.
136. To receive Councillors’ Reports
136.1 Cllr Evans reported on the recent Test Valley Passenger Transport Forum meeting drawing attention to the likely cuts falling upon the £662k annual subsidy given by Hampshire County Council in support of rural bus services and to the availability of two mopeds from TVBC to assist teenagers job hunt.
136.2 Cllr Werrett updated the meeting on the transfer of responsibility from B/Cllr Ward to his working group for the Village Design Statement (VDS) and explained that work on this would be resurrected in concert with the Local Plan and review of settlement boundaries.
(Clerk’s note: it had since been established that the draft Local Plan would not be published until early 2014 which precluded an immediate start on the VDS)
136.3 Cllr Curtis queried progress on the school all-weather path.  The Clerk had been hastening HCC on this with C/Cllr Gibson. 
(Clerk’s note: HCC had since confirmed they were still awaiting English Heritage consent to build across the John O’Gaunt site)
136.4 Cllr Fahy was seeking remedial action on the loose manhole at the A3057 junction with Cow Drove Hill.  He was also chasing the necessary repairs to Eldon Road and the erection of a suitable ‘No HGV’ sign at the entrance to Old Vicarage Lane.
Action: Cllr Fahy
136.5 Cllr Harwood commented on the dangers of contractors’ employees’ vehicle parking and delivery vehicles off-loading whilst parked at the junction of the A3057 and the back lane entrance to Marsh Court, given the volume of through traffic using this road .  The Clerk would write to the land owner reflecting this concern.   
Action: Clerk
137. To receive the RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring
137.1 Councillors considered a paper tabled by the Clerk outlining the process of viring funds to overspent budget headings during the course of the year or accepting explanations on under/overspends as the year progressed.  The latter option was preferred.
137.2 A budget monitoring report had been circulated with the agenda papers and was noted.
138. Payment of Accounts
138.1 Proposed Cllr Brock, Seconded Cllr Fahy, RESOLVED unanimously that the following accounts for October 2013 be approved for payment:
To For Net      VAT Gross    Chq/Internet
Mr P Storey Salary/expenses        915.01 915.01             Int
BPC Shared costs            22.00  22.00 Int
HMRC Tax/NIC            30.15  30.15 Int
TV School Grant 75.00  75.00 Int
J Bruno Church wall repairs 85.00        17.00          102.00 Int
HCC Street light 27.51       5.50            33.01 Int
Southern Electric Clock 13.34          0.66            14.00 DD
Southern Water KS rec 26.99  26.99 DD
Weed Control KS rec          316.34        63.27          379.61 Int
Mr M Rebbeck Grounds maint          526.25 526.25 Int
TVBC Bin relocation          179.00     35.80 214.80 Int Totals                            2216.59    122.23       2338.82                     
139. MUGA fundraising group report
139.1Cllr Fahy reported that the MUGA working group had concluded that a utilisation survey of other MUGAs should be undertaken to establish potential usage in Kings Somborne before any likely donors were identified and that the group would review the previous bids for external funds as part of their approach.
Action: MUGA fundraising group
140. Replacement speed indicator device
140.1 Cllr Fahy reported that following research into types of SID available, he had concluded the Radarlux MiniVisor 230 VAS NG was most suited as it flashed and indicated vehicle speeds as well as storing the data for future analysis.  Current cost of this model was £2708 ex VAT.  All noted the need for whoever relocated the SID around the designated sites to have completed the appropriated training in road safety.  The Clerk would check the Lengthsman’s qualifications.
Action: Clerk
140.2 Proposed Cllr Fahy, Seconded Cllr Werrett, RESOLVED unanimously that we budget accordingly to replace the SID in 2014-15.
Action: Clerk
141. Review of Councillor appointments
141. As a result of the recent changes in Council membership, the Chairman thought it appropriate for councillors to review their individual appointments and notify the Clerk of any desired changes.
Action: All
142. Ownership and management of Allotments
142.1 The allotments on Church Road were owned by the Diocese of Winchester and managed on their behalf by Drewitt Neate and Carter Jonas.  Rents were minimal and little or no maintenance action had been undertaken for some years.  Cllr Fahy voluntarily acted as the local co-ordinator, as necessary.  A view had been expressed that the Parish Council should bid for ownership/management rights and introduce a proper management structure protecting tenants’ rights and maintaining the site to a higher standard than at present.  It was agreed the Clerk should open discussions with the Diocese and the managing agents, as appropriate.
Action: Clerk
143. Clerk’s monthly report
143.1 The Clerk had attended the HALC AGM at which an interesting presentation had been given by the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner on his role; affiliation fees for 2014/15 had been approved including a discount when councils shared a qualified clerk, as King’s Somborne does; and where the Clerk was CiLCA qualified councils would receive a credit of two training sessions in-year to the value of £60.
143.2 TVBC had invited the Parish Council to sign up to an accord outlining the shared responsibilities for the recycling centre; this was agreed.
143.3 An invitation to join a purchasing consortium for poppy seeds to be planted in parishes to mark the commemoration of World War 1was not supported.
144. Date, time and place of next meeting
144.1    The next meeting would be on Monday 2 December 2013 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne.  
Action: All
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45pm