Co-opted to KSPC: 11th July 2022.     Elected to KSPC: 4th May 2023.

Reasons for standing as a Parish Councillor:

I have lived in King’s Somborne for over 20 years and been very active in supporting the community since I retired in 2016. I like it when things get done that have been promised to the parish and instead of just criticising, I want to get active where it makes a difference. I know a lot of ex-councillors and current councillors and therefore know what it means being on the King’s Somborne Parish Council.

Experience brought to the Council:

After 25 years of working as a International Project Manager for Procurement projects and later Productivity projects I gained a lot of experience in dealing with different types of people in terms of background and culture. I am a ‘finisher’, so anything I start I finish and care that the people affected by the change are comfortable and happy with the future outcome.

In King’s Somborne, I was part of the original team fundraising money for the start of the responder team, was part of the WI Somborne Sisterhood committee and organise the Progressive Supper in aid of charities in KS.

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KSPC Planning Committee – Member

KSPC NDP Working Group – Member

KSPC Resilience & Bourne Working Group – Member

KSPC Safe Travel Working Group – Member

KSPC Asset Checks: Noticeboards – Epworth Hall and Village Green, KSPC Benches on Highway

KSPC Support: Resilience Plan and Lengthsman’s Worksheet

Contact: 07484-647155