NDP Timeline:

The following timeline walks you through the various stages of the NDP to date.

Next Steps & Timeline – 21-06-21

Next Steps & Timeline – 11-01-21

Notes to support Next Steps & Timeline – 11-01-21

Status of the Appendices from the 2018 draft NDP

Some of the appendices, specialist consultations, written for the 2018 draft NDP remain valid and some require updating.  To show how we are using these please click here.

New and Revised Specialist Consultations

The following draft documents have been commissioned and/or updated in consideration of consultation feedback. This is work in progress, many are draft.  The Table provides their status and associated notes. These documents have been forwarded to AECOM to support their Evidence Based Review.

Documents sent to AECOM to support NDP Policies Review (09/11/20 meeting) 




Status with Council 


New Draft NDP




Oct 19 

Work in progress

Presented to the Steering Group in Autumn last year but Group disbanded before any feedback was provided back to SDNPA or shared with the council. Now provided to AECOM as part of review of work completed to date. Comments will be used to help the next stages in the creation of a final plan by the Council. Document includes the policies and work in progress comments from the now disbanded NDP Steering Group.  


Landscape Assessment


Jan 2018

Draft – Work in Progress. 

NDP Working Group has concerns with some of the content.

AECOM – EBPD Team engaged to undertake a review and advise what input and amendments are required


Housing Need and Sites – Appendix 2.0.  Revision 1c. 


Previous Steering Group

Final March 2020

Housing Need section approved only. 

1c-i. includes track changes – mainly punctuation.  And a few comments e.g. p. 19, 20, 23, 24, 29, 31.

Sites in paper were not signed off by council – amendments may be required to the Sites, further to the Site Assessment Review by AECOM 


Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment) 


Oct 2019

Draft – Work in Progress (March 2020)

Yellow and Green highlighter pen within it. 

Questions Outstanding.  Awaiting next phase from AECOM before feeding back as AECOM’s work may require further questions/amendments. 


Sequential Test report 



Autumn 2019

Draft – Work in Progress (March 2020)


May need to be revisited after AECOM review.  

Flood Risk Study 



Dec 2018 

Final but may need review. 

Only original sites assessed.     May need to be revisited after AECOM Site Assessments. 


Green Space Appendix – Appendix 1.2 


Previous Steering Group

March 2020

Revision approved

Revision 2.0(a). A couple of typos noticed, to amend. 

(need to ensure the revision number is on the document) 

Green Spaces in document now under policy review.


Shadow Habitats Regulations Assessment


Ecological Survey and Assessment (ECOSA) 

19th Sept 2018 – Final

Draft – Work in Progress (March 2020)

May need to be revisited after Site Assessments.  




Feedback read and processed by NDP Steering Group and SDNPA. Summary document produced which needs finalising. Work suspended whilst awaiting AECOM’s work as feedback comments 

New Consultation will be Required 


In process: Public Body Feedback to first draft to be reviewed and where still relevant to be shared with AECOM


(Historic England, Environment Agency, HCC, Highways, Natural England)







New Independent Site Assessments

Most Recent Information – 04/02/21:

Site Options and Assessment DRAFT Report

Feedback Form

The Parish Council will be meeting on Monday 15th February 2021 to discuss the Site Options and Assessment DRAFT report and collate feedback for AECOM for consideration when finalising their report.  Your contribution is welcomed, please forward the feedback form to the Clerk by the end of Wednesday 10th February 2021.  Further information and context can be found within the feedback form itself.  Thank you.


AECOM’s Site Assessment Team is independently assessing all identified potential sites against national criteria.

Twenty-three sites have been identified by AECOM from the 2014 SHLAA, 2017 SHELLA, the 2020 SHELAA and the original ‘call for sites’.  These twenty-three sites can be found below.  The site address and size of these sites can be found within the NDP Agenda Meeting Notes 07/12/20. 

Site Assessments Map – Parish                                Site Assessments Map – Village Centre 

In addition, a further ‘Call for Sites’ has been advertised, with a closing date of 31/12/20.

As a result of the further ‘Call for Sites, the Council received two responses:

  1. A new site, currently referred to as ‘Area B’.  Further information can be found within the NDP Agenda Meeting Notes 07/12/20.
  2. A map and information regarding potential housing numbers in respect to land a Spencer’s Farm, areas 148a and 148b. Further information can be found in the NDP Agenda Meeting Notes 11/01/20.

AECOM will independently assess these sites and information provided alongside the above.

Subject to no delays beyond our control, the report from AECOM’s Site Assessment team will be taken to the February 2021 Parish Council meeting.

Independent Evidence Base Reviews

AECOM’s Evidence Base and Policy Development (EBPD) Team is currently independently reviewing the ‘Landscape Assessment’ (above table) and the draft policies from the ‘New Draft Oct 2019 NDP’.   This review will advise Council the policies which are and are not sound against the evidence base.  Comments will be used to help the next stages in the creation of a final plan.

Subject to no delays beyond our control, the report from AECOM’s EBPD team will be taken to a Parish Council meeting in February or March 2021.