Kings Somborne Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting

22 June 2016 at The Epworth Hall, Kings Somborne, 7.00pm


Present: Peter Storey (PS) (Chairman); Peter Nickless (PN); Robbie Lane (RL); Katie Hughes (KH); Judith Evans (JE Minutes), Graham Searle (GS)

Apologies: Andrew Brock (AB); Graham Searle (GS); Ryan Sutton (RS)

Copies: Website; OneDrive; KS Parish Councillors; Graham Smith, TVBC (GS TVBC); Simon Whitehead (SW)

No. Minute Action
1. Chairman’s welcome

In the absence of AB PS welcomed all to the meeting.


2. Previous Minutes

These were unanimously agreed.

Matters arising

Item 4.6: PS confirmed that HCC had advised that traffic slowing measures for the A3057 could not include full width humps/bumps but alternatives could be traffic cushions, to reduce the carriage way and widen verges.  To progress further the situation TVBC and HCC need to be contacted and consensus reached by the whole PC


Item 5.7: PS had been advised that a headcount for attendance at workshops was all that was needed – it was not necessary to count age group attendees











Declarations of Interest

None declared.













Review of Workshops


Attendance as follows

Saturday 11.06.2016 Village Hall 27
Tuesday 15.06.2016 KSWMC 25
Wednesday 16.06.2016 Village Hall 40
    TOTAL 92


PS agreed to send a summary of all the comments made to SG members and to add to OneDrive














Further Workshops

Attendees at the workshops had indicated there was a need for a further workshop for users of youth facilities to discuss a potential Community Activity Centre. Attendees to be invited from the School, Village Hall, Messy Church, Pre-School, Toddler Groups, Scouts and YMCA. It was hoped that AB would chair this and a potential date was Wednesday 27th June at 7.30 pm. PS to follow up booking room etc.

PS also reminded the SG that the Community Activity Centre was only a “wish” and that much further work was needed with potential interested parties









Planning Guidance

It was suggested that AB contact local residents with knowledge and experience of planning to help with drafting planning guidance.





7. Re-visit Plan

Deferred until next meeting


8. Communications Update

Deferred until next meeting



















Presence at Horticultural Show – the SG felt that the team should have volunteers from the SG and/or working groups in a marquee alongside the PC and Borough Councillor on 30th July between 2pm and 4pm.  All to find potential volunteers


There was a discussion regarding potential scanning and electronic storage of original data e.g. questionnaires. The team felt that paper copies should be stored and that at this time scanning was not necessary.


Some concern was expressed about a potential conflict of interest in that a known property developer (N Wolstenholme) had agreed to help identify potential brownfield building sites in the Parish. It was agreed that he had already formally declared his interest.


It was agreed to discuss a formal summer recess at the next meeting


















10. Next Meeting

Wednesday 6th July 2016, 7.00pm at The Epworth Hall