Kings Somborne Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting

06 April 2016 at The Epworth Hall, Kings Somborne, 7.00pm


Present: Andrew Brock (AB) (Chairman), Graham Searle (GS); Fiona Dunger (FD); Peter Nickless (PN); Ryan Sutton (RS); Katie Hughes (KH); Judith Evans (Minutes); Tony Ward (AW); Robbie Lane (RL).

Also Present: Peter Storey (PS) (Clerk)

Apologies: None

Copies: Website; OneDrive; KS Parish Councillors; Graham Smith, TVBC (GS TVBC); Simon Whitehead (SW)

No. Minute Action
1. Chairman’s welcome

AB welcomed everybody and explained the main purpose of the meeting was to finalise the questionnaire and confirm arrangements for distribution and collection


2. Previous Minutes

These were proposed  by KH, seconded by PN and agreed by all

































Matters arising from previous Minutes

Group leaders confirmed that the testing of the questionnaire had been completed and all feedback had been built into Version 3 – under review today. FD explained that there was concern over the Open spaces questions, hence the review this evening.


Printing – quotes had been sought from local printers as well as TVBC. It was determined that the printer which offered best value and could produce the document in the required time frame would be used.


The pre-questionnaire communications had been completed. Nigel Wolstenholme and Jonathan Kamm had both volunteered to help. It was noted that they were both experienced in planning developing and would need to declare any financial interest. It was agreed that any declaration of interest should be confirmed at every group and SG meeting and recorded in minutes. There was a discussion regarding what constituted an interest. PS reminded all about the declaration Councillors had to sign when discussing Precept. PS to check for suitable document for all. RS asked if a personal plan to purchase a property in the village constituted a pecuniary interest. JE asked that as a business owner should she declare an interest.  All agreed that these were not a concern currently and that a suitable document would be reviewed at the next meeting.


Presentations to groups – PS confirmed he had presented to the Bell ringers (3 people) the KSWMC (8 committee members) and was to present at the WI on 13th April.  KH to present to Tiny Tots mums, Pre-school and Parent Toddler Group. KH to contact the WI Sisterhood. RS to contact the school and suggest involving the year 6 pupils.


As a result of the presentation at the WMC their suggestion to hold an open surgery for completing the questionnaire was warmly welcomed. PS, RS and KH to attend once the day was agreed by the WMC Committee. The day to be advertised on a separate flyer but attached to the questionnaire.










































It was confirmed that Councillors had accepted the delay to the Parish Plan review.


For clarification the word Parish was inserted throughout. Wording for the first section was clarified, particularly the definition of “local open spaces”. AB to confirm. There was a detailed discussion on each section. The final version (3) was eventually agreed by all.


RS to update the online Survey Monkey version (


All agreed to completion and return deadline would be 30th April 2016.



















Communications Plan

It was confirmed that all communications had been sent out. Invite to volunteers was agreed and RS to send out via e-mail asap, requesting their attendance at a briefing on 13th April at Epworth Hall


It was confirmed that the KSWMC, The Crown and both village shops had agreed to be collection points for completed questionnaires









6. Issues that need resolving

RS had prepared a sheet of FAQs and answers that volunteers could use when delivering and collecting questionnaires. All to review and  feedback





7. Next Meeting

Wednesday 13th April 2016, 7.00pm at The Epworth Hall (Start of the meeting to consist of the brief to volunteers), SG to follow.