Neighbourhood Development Plan (v2 Amended Pre-Submission Draft) 


Description Author Status
Neighbourhood Development Plan v2 amended pre-submission draft (v10) KSPC

Final Draft


On-line NDP Regulation 14 Consultation Surveys – Guidance notes to completing the surveys 

Thank you for completing the NDP survey(s) on-line, this will ensure all responses and comments are captured and collated against the policy or section to which they relate.

If you share a home with a partner and your views are similar, please consider submitting one survey (policy survey and/or plan survey) together.  This will allow us to understand residents’ views without duplicate comments from within the same home, and this will save you time too.  Of course, if you hold widely differing views from your partner, please complete separate forms.  To submit a second response you may need to use a different computer or browser because the software will remember your previous submission.

Responses must be received by Monday 12th September 2022.  Your comments can be made by filling out one or both of the consultation surveys:

  • Survey One – The ‘Policies’ within the ‘plan’.  These will carry legal weight when decisions on planning applications are made.

We have asked that everyone completes the multi-choice questions, to give us an idea of the general level of support, neutrality, or objection to the policies.  But all the comments boxes, apart from four around the site allocations, are optional.  These four compulsory questions capture the reasons people have indicated support, neutrality, or an objection to the site allocation policies, to support us moving forward.

  • Survey Two – The ‘Plan’ itself (excluding the policies).  If you comment on the ‘Plan’, please relate your comments to the relevant policy.

All questions in Survey Two are “comment only”.  They cover the Plan section by section.

When completing the surveys, have a copy of the Consultation Document (above) readily available, for reference.  If you would like to include comments, anything other than a one-liner, we suggest you draft these in advance, using as a guide “The Policies – The Questions” and / or “The Plan – The Questions” as applicable, then copy and paste your prepared comments into the respective survey box.  Please note that there is plenty of room in each of the ‘comments’ boxes, but it would assist us if you can be as succinct as possible.  Thank you.

Please set time aside to complete each survey in one go.   Whilst you may be able to return to the survey, providing you use the same computer and browser, we cannot guarantee this.  Anything included on a page prior to the ‘next’ button being pressed, will not be saved.  Thank you for your time and support.


Survey Links – This Survey has Closed.  

Survey One – The ‘Policies’ within the ‘plan’

Survey Two – The ‘Plan’ itself (excluding the policies)

Links to the version of the NDP considered and the survey questions can be found above.   The comments received can be found below: “Regulation 14 – Collated Comments from Residents and Statutory Bodies”.


Master Documents – background information to support the plan

No. Description Author Status
Master List of Documents KSPC Final
The Villages, Landscape and Environment
1.1 Parish Profile TVBC Final
No Approval Required
1.2 Local Area of Green Space KSPC Final
1.3 Habitat Regulation Assessment AECOM Final
1.3.1 Natural England Response Letter to
Natural England Final
No Approval Required
1.4 Flood Risk Study Waterco Final
1.5 Hydraulic Study Waterco Final
1.6 Drainage Note Waterco Final
1.7 Sequential Test KSPC Final
Development and Design
2.1 Housing Needs and Sites KSPC Final
2.2 Design Guidance AECOM Final
2.3 Site Options and Assessment Report AECOM Final
2.4 Neighbourhood Development Plan
KSPC Final
2.4.1 NDP Survey Results KSPC Subset of above
2.5 Housing Needs Survey Action Hampshire Final
No Approval Required
2.6 Site Access Study KSPC/ Culhane/HCC Final
Sustainability Appraisal
3.1 SEA Screening Opinion TVBC Final
No Approval Required
3.2 Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report SDNPA Final
No Approval Required
3.3 Strategic Environmental Assessment AECOM Final

Regulation 14 – Collated Comments from Residents and Statutory Bodies

Plan (Excluding the Policies) Survey – Collated Comments

Plan (Excluding the Policies) Survey  – Collated Comments 

This includes all comments received via the on-line survey and by e-mail to the Clerk, apart from Annex 2, Appendix 2 and Appendix 4 which follow.

Policies Survey – Collated Comments

Policies Survey – Collated Comments

This includes all comments received via the on-line survey and by e-mail to the Clerk, apart from Appendix 2, which follows.

Attachments to the Plan and Policies Survey

Annex 2 – relates to Plan Survey, question 16, para 8 (resident comment)

Appendix 2 – relates to both Survey’s, where they refer to comments from Pro-Vision, submitted on behalf of CB Morgan Will Trust

Appendix 4 – relates to Plan Survey, question 19, para 9 (Frobisher Ltd.)

Statutory Consultee Comments

Public Bodies


Local Businesses

Local Groups & Organisations

What Happens Next

The Parish Council NDP Working Group will consider all responses and summarise comments received, by policy.  It will draft a recommendation for Full Council consideration, advising where it believes amendments are / are not required as applicable, and why.

Further to Full Council agreement, the NDP, together with the above information, will be submitted to TVBC for the Regulation 16 Consultation.  A public consultation organised by TVBC with Independent Examination, resulting in a ‘Decision Statement’.  This is closely followed by a notice of Referendum.  Further information re: process & time periods (not the dates which require adjustment) can be found on page 4 of the NDP ‘Timeline’ on the website: NDP-Timeline-for-website-09-01-21-1.pdf (kingssomborne-pc.gov.uk) This part of the process is expected to take about 36 weeks.