Minutes of a Meeting of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group
held in the Epworth Hall at 7.00pm on Wednesday 25 January 2017

Present: Cllr A Brock (Chairman)
Mr G Searle
Mr D St John
Ms C Thomson

In attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Public Session: No members of the public were present.

1. Chairman’s welcome and announcements

1.1 The Chairman welcomed everyone present but regretted the meeting was not quorate. However, in view of the need to move forward, it was agreed that informal discussion should take place on relevant matters.

2. Apologies

2.1 Cllrs Hughes, Lane and Sutton; Mrs Dunger, Messrs Davies and Nickless

3. Previous meeting notes

3.1 Previous notes from 11 January 2017 meeting accepted.

4. Matters arising

4.1 Ms Thomson had received information from TVBC on trees with TPOs and was co-ordinating the work by her group on identifying these and other trees worthy of retention.
Action: Ms Thomson

4.2 Mr Searle had taken a variety of photographs of the local landscape and would continue to build up this photographic portfolio for use in the NDP.
Action: Mr Searle

5. Declarations of Interest

5.1 None declared.

6. Housing Needs/Community Update

6.1 The Housing Needs survey was being analysed and the results were awaited.

6.2 Mr Searle was working on statistics from the Office of National Statistics with a view to extrapolating these to provide an evidence base for comments on further development trends in the Parish for inclusion in the NDP.
Action: Mr Searle

6.3 The Chairman was drafting the Design Guidance.
Action: Chairman

7. Local Open Spaces

7.1 TVBC had produced the latest policy on local open spaces and their definition which would form the basis of this part of the NDP when written and the Chairman had produced a spreadsheet designed to contain all the relevant data when collected.

8. NDP draft

8.1 The Clerk had drafted a list of contents for the NDP and had started drafting the Introduction and Parish Profile. It was agreed that all NDPSG members should review the draft contents list, available on OneDrive, with group leaders paying particular attention to the inclusion of suitable headings covering the findings of their group, and table amendments/additions for consideration at the next meeting.
Action: All

9. Date, time and place of next meeting – Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm