Following the NDP pre-submission consultation and the concerns raised over the adverse impact on flooding any potential development might cause, the NDP Steering Group was authorised by the Parish Council to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment by a suitably qualified external body. In addition an undertaking to provide the opportunity for members of the Parish to review the report and seek further clarification was also given

The attached report comprises of these questions and the responses by Waterco and where relevant by the Parish Council where it is outside of the scope of Waterco to respond.

The attached report is due to be included in the final report from Waterco, which is still awaited, and will form part of the evidence base for the revised NDP which we hope to report further on in the coming weeks.

This document is very large, and is best viewed within the Google Chrome Browser, if you are unable to download this or would like a paper copy please contact the Clerk.

Download a copy here

FRA – Repsonses to Questions