Co-opted to KSPC: 11th October 2021.

Reasons for standing as a Parish Councillor:

I have recently joined the KS Speedwatch Group and wish to take a more active role in village life.

Experience brought to the Council:

Nineteen years in the Royal Navy, retired in 1993 as a CPO WEA Submariner.  Fought in the Falklands War on HMS Sheffield.  Served as a Special Constable in Fareham before work moved me to Bristol.  Employed with BAE Systems for twenty three years.  A member of The Hoggin The Bridge Committee.  An Electronics Engineer, a Member of the IET.  Experienced in Health and Safety working in the shipbuilding business.


Click here to see the Statutory Declaration of Interest for John Young (awaiting return from TVBC)


KSPC Resilience & Bourne Working Group – Member

KSPC Safe Travel Working Group – Member

KSPC Asset Checks:

  • Muss Lane Recreation Ground & Play Area
  • Generator

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