You may already be aware, from local press reports, that a decision has been made by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council to instigate part-night switch-off of residential street lighting as of 1st April 2019.   A link to the Council Report can be found here:

Currently this switch-off only affects lights belonging to Hampshire County Council on residential roads between the hours of 01:00 and 04:00.  Principal traffic routes (A, B and C class roads), town centres, roads with vertical traffic calming and areas adjacent to controlled or uncontrolled pedestrian crossings are excluded.  There are currently no plans to include lighting owned by District, Borough, City, Parish or Town councils.  However, you may wish to consider whether your Authority would wish to be included.

I would like to invite expressions of interest from those who may be interested in participating in this initiative.  I can then arrange to either come and talk to you directly or provide additional information as required.  No doubt, you’ll all want to know what level of savings might be achieved.  As you’ll appreciate this will differ from authority to authority but, for residential lights, you can expect a reduction of approximately of 15-20% on your annual energy consumption.

Many hanks

Julian Higgins Eng Tech, AMILP