The village of Kings Somborne has been a part of my life ever since I was born 18 years ago. An important part of my emerging adolescence has been the acceptance of responsibility and it is my desire to serve the local community now my time at school is at an end. I am finishing my A Levels at King Edward VI School Southampton, where I study Biology, Economics and History, and looking to the future, I hope to read History at university from October 2019. My study of History and Economics, combined with my passion for politics, has raised my awareness of localised democracy within the greater beast of modern government. The responsibility for local administration is being increasingly devolved, with a growing importance on the Parish to provide localised determinism. The principal ambition I wish to fulfil as a councillor would be the encouragement of younger people to realise their importance in the enhancement and sustainability of the community we all benefit from. The village is a hub, a node of centrality, where all in the local population engage, both knowingly and unknowingly, to the profit of all. The spreading of a message that as a community, young and old, we can make Kings Somborne a better, more inclusive place would be of immense benefit. This ambition can be realised, with issues including reducing litter, increasing use of the recreational ground and providing appropriate entertainment for groups with little on offer paramount to my cause, I feel that I can engage with both the Parish Council and the younger generation to accomplish this. I am aware questions will be asked about my long-term commitment to the village, with my desire to read History at university from October of next year, however, I wish to soothe any fears. Wherever my studies take me over the foreseeable future, my home lies here, and I feel the opportunity to be opted-onto the council would provide me with experience for the election next year, in which I intend to stand should the opportunity arise. I believe that on my gap year, starting this July, I can bring a fresh, youthful approach to the council, with a voice for greater engagement, inclusivity and progress.

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