Up Somborne Passing Places

HCC Feasibility Study

Jan 2019

Background –

A condition of Planning Permission for change of use of farm buildings in Up Somborne is for passing bays to be installed in Chalk Vale. A further Planning Application is now relying on the same provision of passing bays.

There is a 106 agreement for the sum of £22,860 as a contribution towards the costs of the scheme, which includes the passing bays and haunching works to damaged sections of Chalk Vale.

Based upon the Highway Authorities consultation response to the application, the three agreed passing places are to be located as follows –

  1. Within the first 600m of Chalk Vale from it’s junction with Ashley Road.
  2. Between 800m and 1000m from the junction with Ashley Road.
  3. Between 1300m and 1500m from the junction with Ashley Road.

Proposals –

Chalk Vale is 3m wide and the recommended passing bay for HGV’s is 15m in length, with a 5m long entry and exit taper. The overall carriageway width should be 5.5m, meaning a widening of 2.5m is required.

  1. Passing bay to be constructed midway between the Ashley junction and bend at approx. ch 350m. This gives maximum visibility between these points, and would be installed on the (wider) south east verge. This also avoids the overhead line/poles on the north west verge. At the bend (ch 350m) and also at Field House (ch 450m) there are entrances on the north side verge which also act as informal passing places.


  1. Passing bay to be installed at Ch 900m, on the south side of the lane. There is already an informal widening/hardstanding between the entrances to Chalkvale House and Chalkvale Cottages, and this can be formalised with construction of a purpose built passing bay. There are two further entrances between Chalkvale House and the junction with Chalk Hill which are currently used as informal passing places.


  1. Passing bay to be constructed mid way between Chalk Hill (ch 1200m) and the Byway track entrance (ch 1500m). There is clear visibility between these two locations. There is insufficient verge width to widen on one side, so the proposal is to widen by 1m on the north side and 1.5m on the south side. There are a number of large trees along this section which are to be avoided, so this will determine the exact location of the passing point.

Estimated costs –

The estimated cost for each passing bay is £7k. Total cost 3 No @ £7k = £21k

Repairs –

Depending on the actual cost of the passing bays, there may be funding available to carry out minor haunching and repairs to Chalk Vale, and this can be assessed once these costs are known.