Grant Application Form


    Name of organisation:


    Name of and position in organisation of person making the application:


    Is this organisation open to the public?


    Reason/s for making a grant application:


    Amount requested:


    Charity no. (if applicable)


    Is the organisation currently operating?


    No of persons who would benefit from a successful application:


    In order to assess this application for funding the Parish Council will need the following information from the applicant. (This information will not be published on the Council Website.) 


    Please collect this information together into one written document, with clear headings for each piece of information.


    Total level of income and expenditure for the previous financial year and current financial year to date.


    Details of all grants and fund raising received from 1st Jan 2019 to date together with a brief explanation of the purpose of the grant or fund-raising donation.


    A list of financial or contractual commitments until the end of this financial year.


    Total amount of Reserves held by the organisation as of financial year-end 2018/19 and 2019/20.


    A forecast of expected income until the end of this financial year based on last year’s income with any known variances explained.


    Please write and explanation of what the impact or consequence will be on your organisation should this application not be successful?


    Bank Details in case of successful application:

    Bank name, Sort Code & Account no.


    Copy of your constitution or membership details (this can be on a separate sheet if easier)



    Completed forms and back up papers should be emailed to the Clerk on
    Please note that all information supplied with this application will be treated in strict confidence by the Parish Council.