Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held in the Epworth Hall commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 3 September 2018


Present:      Cllr A Brock (Chairman)

Cllr R Curtis

Cllr H Griffith

Cllr R Harwood

Cllr K Hughes

Cllr A Townsend

Cllr H Townsend

Cllr R Webb

In Attendance:   Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

  Public Session

 Mr R Dyke (Open Spaces Warden) and 6 members of the public were present for part of the meeting.

Mrs Sue Jackson explained her role as a Village Agent and co-ordinator for the Steady and Strong confidence sessions and the over 60s bus trips for the elderly and the need for funds if these were to continue. As Village Agents, she and Gill Butler were sponsored by HCC to sign post the elderly and vulnerable in the community towards those departments at HCC and those external agencies such as Age Concern from where appropriate help could be obtained as needed. Her aim with the Elders’ lunch and the bus trips was also to raise awareness and increase companionship in the community. Whereas the lunch was self-financing, a charge of £7 per head was raised on those going on the monthly bus trips but with the increasing costs of bus hire and driver’s time and the current lack of funding from other sources, it was necessary to seek help if this activity was to continue through to the end of the financial year. Councillors expressed their sincere thanks to Mrs Jackson and her team for overseeing these activities and the impact they had on combatting rural isolation.

Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Hughes, RESOLVED unanimously that £400 be granted towards the costs of the 60+ bus trips. The Clerk would continue to account for monies raised and spent and complete a grant aid application for the record.

Action: Clerk

Mr Dyke recommended that the Muss lane recreation ground hedges be cut back as they encroached on to the play area. The Clerk would obtain estimates of cost.

Action: Clerk

C/Cllr Gibson informed those present that the County was looking to make more budget savings but at this time he did not know from where. He also explained that despite efforts on his part, local parents, the Parish Council and HCC Childrens Services, there was no likelihood of reinstatement of the No 16 school bus runs. The service had been operated by Wheelers on a commercial basis and that it would remain discontinued as no subsidy funds were available from the County. Parents would have to make their own arrangements.

B/Cllr Ward reported on the successful fly tipping prosecutions instigated by the Borough resulting in hefty fines being levied on those involved. Instances of fly tipping should be reported on or by calling 01264 368000 or 527700 and everyone was encouraged to become active in this respect to help preserve the countryside. Cllr Ward also reported on the formal opening of the Fishlake Meadows Nature Reserve where staff from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and local volunteers had been hard at work on a huge range of habitat improvement works and installing viewing points. Finally, he stated that the community governance review would be determined soon with no changes to King’s Somborne’s boundary but Timsbury Parish would fall into two separate wards.

  1. Apologies for Absence

 144.1   Cllrs Dack and Whitehead.

 145.   Chair’s announcements and Councillors’ questions

 145.1   Cllr Brock outlined the points discussed with the Diocese on their planned disposal of the allotment site and the strength of feeling against this held by the Parish. These were noted by the Diocese and would be taken into account at the forthcoming consultation with Parishioners to be held at 7.30pm on 5 September 2018 in the Church. (See para 147.3 below)

 146.   To accept the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6 August 2018

 146.1   Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Griffith, RESOLVED with Cllr Hughes abstaining (absent) that the minutes of the meeting held on 6 August 2018 and circulated with the agenda be accepted as a true record.

  1. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes

 147.1   An amendment was necessary to the July 2018 minutes at para 116.1 to reflect the fact that two locations remained for siting the proposed community building/preschool, namely the Scouts’s leased land and adjacent to the MUGA with no decision being made until the flood assessment report was to hand.

 147.2   Proposed Cllr Hughes, Seconded Cllr Harwood, RESOLVED unanimously that para 116.1 of the July 2018 minutes be amended appropriately.

Action: Clerk

 147.3   Para 127.5        The Chairman and Clerk had had an informal meeting with the Diocese representatives to discuss the way forward regarding the proposed sale of the allotments with both parties making their positions clear. Both the Chairman and the Clerk would attend the forthcoming consultation between the Diocese and the allotmenteers. (See para 145 above)

147.4   Para 129.1        Legal advice had been obtained and a reply sent to the solicitor representing the 2 parishioners questioning the sequence of events relating to the NDP public consultation.

147.5   Para 132.2        A bid had now been submitted for funds from LoddenTest towards the proposed community building/preschool and the outcome was awaited. In order to be eligible, the Parish Council had registered for rural payment and grants from Defra. The TVBC CIL grant application had been accepted with a decision expected in November. The decision on the HCC grant was imminent.

147.6   Para 132.5        S106 monies had been confirmed by TVBC and the order for more new toddlers’ play equipment placed with an expected installation date of mid-October.

  1. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

 148.1   Cllr Brock declared an interest in Payments being a recipient and did not vote.

  1. To consider Correspondence Received and determine any action required

 149.1   None received.

 150.  To receive minutes of the Planning Committee meetings held on 6 and 20 August 2018

 150.1   The minutes of the Planning Committee meetings held on 6 and 20 August 2018 had been circulated with the agenda.

150.2   Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr A Townsend, RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the Planning Committee meetings held on 6 and 20 August 2018 be received and accepted.

  1. Councillors’ Reports

151.1   As Chair of Planning, Cllr Harwood reported on the six applications considered earlier in the evening, which included the controversial applications to build a new house on a small plot adjacent to 5 Riverside Green and a change of use of the agricultural buildings at the Forest of Bere estate, the former giving rise to serious concern and the latter being objected to. The remaining applications had been supported. Cllr Harwood also reported a break in overnight 14/15 August at the Cricket Club store by persons unknown and the theft of fuel.

151.2   For insurance purposes, Cllr Griffith would check on the volunteer flood wardens’ willingness to continue in that role and also to act in support of the Council when dealing with other community related emergency matters by ‘spreading the word’ especially to the more vulnerable in the community.

Action: Cllr Griffith

151.3   Cllr Hughes would provide the number of the faulty light in her road to Cllr Brock for follow up action.

Action: Cllr Hughes

  1. To receive the RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring

 152.1   A budget monitoring report had been circulated with the agenda papers. This was noted.

152.2   As RFO, the Clerk had invoiced BT for cutting their hedge adjacent to the BT Hut on the slip road approaching the KS recreation ground as BT kept delaying their action.

Action: Clerk

152.3   An informal meeting would be held tomorrow with the LoddonTest staff at HCC to take advice on completion of their application form seeking a grant towards the proposed community building/preschool before formal submission.

Action: Clerk

  1. Payment of Accounts

 153.1   Proposed Cllr Curtis, Seconded Cllr A Townsend, RESOLVED with Cllr Brock abstaining (claimant) that the following accounts for August 2018 be approved for payment:

 To                               For                                 Net          VAT       Gross    Chq/Internet

Mr P Storey                 Salary/expenses          746.16       8.85         755.01             6

HMRC                         Tax/NIC                        454.63                        454.63             Bacs

Legal & General         Staff pension                  80.42                        80.42             DD

Unity                           50+ bus hire (July)      115.70                         115.70             Bacs

Mr M Rebbeck            Grounds maint          1456.75       2.75      1459.50             Bacs

Stockbridge Marquees Fun Day hire            200.00                     200.00             4

VitaPlay                      Gym equipment         5745.00 1149.00     6894.00             5

Waterco                       NDP survey               2000.00  400.00    2400.00             Bacs

ECOSA                       NDP Habitat               2950.00   590.00    3540.00             Bacs

TV School                   Prize grant                      75.00                          75.00             2

Cllr Brock                   Expenses                        28.94       2.19             31.13             Bacs

Mr M Rebbeck            Grounds maint          862.05                       862.05             Bacs

Totals                                                        14714.65 2152.79 16867.44

  1. To note the TVBC Options consultation on the next Local Plan

 154.1   TVBC had produced a short introductory film ‘Why does the Local Plan matter?’ to accompany the Issues and Options consultation for the next Local Plan. This was noted.     The film could be accessed at

 155.  To approve the text of the proposed Welcome Letter to new residents

 155.1   Following the approval to issue a welcome letter from the Parish Council to new residents in the community, the Clerk tabled a draft for adoption. A couple of minor amendments were agreed and the Clerk would now arrange for issue when appropriate.

Action: Clerk

 156.    Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) progress

156.1   Cllr Brock reported that the Habitat Regulations Assessment had been completed and was on the Council’s website and that, as a result, work could now start on the proportionate Strategic Environmental Assessment. The flood study report commissioned by the Council following the pre-submission consultation was as advertised available on-line for any queries until 16 September. These tasks had been outsourced and a bid made on Locality for a grant toward the costs involved.

156.2   Cllr Brock and Mr G Searle had met with TVBC staff and B/Cllr Ward to discuss the lessons learned to date on the production of an NDP and comments made would be taken on board for the benefit of other Parish councils undertaking an NDP activity.

  1. Clerk’s monthly report

157.1   The Clerk had dealt with some illegal campers on the KS recreation ground without any trouble.

157.2   Note was taken that the Annual Clarendon Way Marathon would take place on Sunday 7 October 2018 and that certain parts of Cow Drove Hill, A3057, Old Vicarage Lane and Winchester Road, would be closed between 12.15pm and 3.15pm for a period of time.

157.3   As the Emergency Planning Officer, the Clerk had attended a meeting at TVBC at which the details of the next full training session for councillors and parishes in Test Valley to be staged in November were finalised.

  1. Date, time and place of next meeting

158.1   The next meeting would be on Monday 1 October 2018 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35pm