Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held in the Epworth Hall commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 7 September 2015

Present: Cllr R Lane (Acting Chairman)
Cllr R Curtis
Cllr J Evans
Cllr F Fahy
Cllr K Hughes
Cllr R Sutton

In Attendance: Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Public Session

Mr Dyke (Open Spaces Warden), C/Cllr Gibson, B/Cllr Ward and 8 members of the public were present for part of the meeting.

C/Cllr Gibson advertised the county councillor grants scheme stating that monies were available for eligible organisations to bid for. He also undertook to chase up the installation of the all-weather path which was scheduled for installation in the Autumn. He confirmed that changes in the speed limits for various local roads would be announced for consultation in the near future and that the programme for installing superfast Broadband was scheduled for completion by the yearend.

B/Cllr Ward commented on the hold put on major planning applications by TVBC as a result of the need to reassess figures for the supply of housing land and this would impact on the Gladman Developments Ltd hearing. For the moment, TVBC was inclined to use the Borough wide figure which was 5.57% indicating sufficient land existed for development over the next 5 years but legal advice was being taken at this time.

Mr Vanderpump, on behalf of the Muss Lane protest group, spoke about their frustration at the apparent lack of sympathy for their complaint against the removal of hedgerows and fences by an Aster Housing tenant and the prospect of a dropped being installed to enable commercial vehicles to access and be parked on private land at the end of the Tarrant Villas cul de sac. He repeated the evidence held that residents in Tarrant Villas, Nutcher’s Drove and Diamond Cottages had covenants in their deeds/leases prohibiting them from taking similar action and he could not understand why the same restrictions did not apply to the Aster properties in Muss Lane. He asked C/Cllr Gibson to investigate further and was also advised to obtain a professional opinion in the meantime, following which the Parish Council might be inclined to add its further support.

135. Apologies for Absence

135.1 Cllr Brock, Harwood, Reeves and Whitehead.

136. Chairman’s announcements and Councillors’ questions

136.1 Cllr Fahy queried why Yield signs were installed at some road junctions and, for example, not at the Church Road/A3057 junction. Cllr Lane would progress.
Action: Cllr Lane

136.2 Cllr Fahy also asked about the 6-monthly routine stream clearance which was scheduled for the Autumn. The Clerk would progress and also stress the need to remove cuttings to prevent them re-
entering the stream and causing blockages.
Action: Clerk

137. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 3 August 2015

137.1 Proposed Cllr Curtis, Seconded Cllr Hughes, RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 3 August 2015 be accepted as a true record.

138. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes

138.1 Public session. It had been confirmed that the application for a dropped kerb at 17 Muss Lane was for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.

138.2 Para 128.5 The delay in burying the electricity supply cables across the 3 Fields site was due to outstanding legal matters. The Clerk had written previously and Cllr Brock was hastening.

139. Declarations of Interest and requests for Dispensations

139.1 None made or requested.

140. To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee

140.1 No meeting s held since last Parish Council meeting.

141. To consider Correspondence Received and determine any action required

141.1 None tabled.

142. To receive Councillors’ Reports

142.1 Cllr Curtis confirmed that S&C Slatter, the MUGA installer, would come on-site this month to take photos of the MUGA for their portfolio and that we would receive copies.

142.2 Cllr Fahy confirmed that the most effective speed indicator devices (SID) showed the speed of passing vehicles and questions were then raised on whether we needed the data collection facility of the proposed new SID and were SIDs available which relied on solar power in view of the short life of the batteries powering the proposed new SID. Cllr Fahy would investigate further.
Action: Cllr Fahy

142.3 There remained a need to reposition some of the SID poles which Cllr Lane would progress with TVBC and the Clerk would ascertain if any increase in costs for rotating the SIDs, assuming we ended up with two, around the poles in the Parish would be sought. There was also some discussion on dummy speed traps but no decision taken to implement at this time.
Action: Cllr Lane & Clerk

142.4 Cllr Hughes reported that the Scouts, Pre-School and the Horticultural Society had been helping improve the biodiversity site on 3 Fields for which Councillors expressed their thanks.

143. To receive the RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring

143.1 A budget monitoring report had been circulated with the agenda papers.

143.2 Proposed Cllr Sutton, Seconded Cllr Lane, RESOLVED unanimously that the Budget Report be accepted as tabled.

143.3 The Clerk, as RFO, tabled a letter from CPRE Hampshire seeking financial support as it had in past years. Last year, a grant of £25 had been made. Cllr Fahy proposed a grant of £50 be made in view of the amount of work now undertaken by CPRE to protect the rural countryside but this proposal failed to attract a seconder.

143.4 Proposed Cllr Curtis, Seconded Cllr Lane, RESOLVED by 3 votes for, one against and 2 abstentions that a grant of £25 be made to CPRE Hampshire to help them continue in their work.

144. Payment of Accounts

144.1 Proposed Cllr Evans, Seconded Cllr Sutton, RESOLVED unanimously that the following accounts for August 2015 be approved for payment:

To For Net VAT Gross Chq/Internet
Mr P Storey Salary/expenses 645.31 9.98 655.29 Int
HMRC Tax/NIC 391.54 391.54 Int
Southern Water KS rec 61.13 61.13 DD
MJ Ellis Bench fixings/hasp 121.25 24.25 145.50 Int
Mr M Rebbeck Grounds maint 791.50 791.50 Int
BPC Stationery 75.00 75.00 Int
Came & Co Insurance 1547.60 1547.60 Int
Totals 3633.33 34.23 3667.56

145. Neighbourhood Plan progress

145.1 The Clerk reported that 45 responses to the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire had been received and that TVCB were helping to analyse these and produce into a spreadsheet. KSPC had been adopted by TVBC as a pilot scheme in the production of neighbourhood plans and both councils would be working together over the next few months to produce a draft Plan. Invites would go out soon to local people who could provide a positive contribution to the production of the Plan in the near future and a draft list would be circulated to Councillors for them to consider and amend, as necessary.
Action: Clerk

146. Clerk’s monthly report

146.1 A request had been received from a Romsey Football Club to use our pitch because Romsey Town Council had allocated the one previously used to another club. Liaison had taken place between the King’s Somborne Club and agreement reached with them and the Chairman had given outline approval. If determined, the Romsey Club would contribute £115pa towards pitch maintenance.
Action: Clerk

146.2 A request had been received from Bello Catering to position their pizza van on the KS rec once or twice a month and sell their freshly made produce. Questions were asked on insurance, smell, waste and licences which the Clerk would follow up.
Action: Clerk

146.3 Repair action had been requested from the trim trail providers to a piece of timber which had rotted at one of the exercise points.

147. Date, time and place of next meeting

147.1 The next meeting would be on Monday 5 October 2015 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm

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