Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held in the Epworth Hall commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 6th January 2020


Present:                       Cllr I Beacham

Cllr S Dack

Cllr R Harwood

Cllr L Hodge

Cllr K Hughes

Cllr R Webb


In Attendance:             Mrs G Foster (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)


Also present:               2 members of the public were present for part of the meeting.


  1. Public Session


  • No questions were asked by the public.


  1. Election of Chairman
    • It was RESOLVED: unanimously that Cllr Hughes be elected as Chairman.


  1. Signing the Acceptance of Office
    • Cllr Hughes signed the Acceptance of office form which would be forwarded to TVBC.


  1. Election of Vice-Chair
    • It was RESOLVED: unanimously that Cllr Harwood be elected as Vice-Chair.


  1. Apologies for Absence


  • Cllrs Wales and Whitehead had sent apologies which were accepted by Council.


  1. To receive reports from C/Cllr Andrew Gibson.


  • Cllr Gibson had emailed a report to councillors and it had been posted on the website. Of note was information regarding Household Waste Recycling Centres. A new resident permit system would begin operating later this year. In order to benefit from continued free disposal of household waste residents would need to register their cars. This could be done at or by calling 0300 555 1389. Information would be sent to the Gaunlet for publication. Action: Clerk. It would also be published on the PC Facebook page. Action: Cllr Hughes.


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 2 & 16 December 2019


  • Proposed: Cllr Harwood Seconded: Cllr Dack RESOLVED: Unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd December 2019 and 16th December which had been circulated prior to the meeting be accepted as a true record. The chairman duly signed the minute book.


  1. Chairman’s announcements and Councillors’ questions


  • Cllr Hughes as newly elected Chairman voiced the Council’s thanks to Andrew Brock and Roy Curtis who had both resigned in December. It was noted that they had both been very dedicated and spent hundreds of hours working for the community.


  • Cllr Hodge arrived. 19.10


  1. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations


  • Cllr Harwood had advised he had an interest in the grant application for the Working Men’s Club.


  1. To review outstanding actions from the action list arising from those Minutes


  • All actions had been completed except those listed below:
  • A Declaration of Interest form was still outstanding from a previous member of the NDP Steering Group. This was being handled by the Test Valley Monitoring officer and would not be followed up by the Parish Council further.
  • The discussion over siting the bench for Mr Orange was ongoing.
  • Cllr Hodge was in contact with the Pre-school management team and the study of Hours of care was progressing.
  • The landowners with overgrown trees at the top of Church Road had been contacted. This would be followed up.
  • Clarity was still needed on back up data.
  • Digital mapping of the Cemetery was ongoing.
  • A response from the solicitor working on the lease on the John O’Gaunt Field had not been received.
  • Replacement fence panel for the play area would be followed up.
  • The Grant request to Cllr Gibson for £500 would be chased.
  • Letters would be drafted to residents to request that they cut shrubs and hedges.
  • Application for HCC Cllr Gibson’s grant for the lengthsman would be progressed after receiving an answer on the previous request.
  • The CPR Training had not been organised.
  • Experian would be chased for an answer on the PC credit score.
  • It was asked if further comments or questions could be sent to SDNPA after receipt of the tables and before moving onto the next task. This would be requested.


  1. To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee meetings on 02 & 16 December 2019


  • Planning minutes had been distributed to all councillors and it was RESOVLED: unanimously that these be accepted.
  • Cllr Harwood reported that robust comments detailing objections to the Allotments planning application had been sent to TVBC.
  • The Planning meeting that had been scheduled for earlier in the evening had been cancelled as it would not have been quorate.
  1. To receive the RFO’s Bank reconciliation, Trial Balance, Earmarked Reserves balances and to approve the Payment of the Accounts and sign the Bank reconciliation.


  • The Clerk had circulated all the above paperwork and posted it on the website, no questions had been asked.
  • The Bank accounts were noted to be holding £67,077.52 and £19,909.10.
  • The Chairman signed the bank reconciliation.
  • Earmarked reserves held in the Over 50’s Bus account were £396.70. All other ringfenced accounts had been spent on the Pre-school building.
  • A schedule of payments had been sent to all Councillors. RESOLVED: Unanimously to approve the payments as below:

TO                                           FOR                                                    AMOUNT            VAT                TOTAL

Amazon UK                             Fridge & Freezer & microwave                   276.63                55.32         331.95

Andover Groundworks              resurfacing and carpark work                 12,100.00          2,420.00           14,520.00

ATF Supplies                            Dragons teeth replacement                          329.50                65.90         395.40

Complete Security                     CCTV equipment                                   3,800.00              760.00  4,560.00

Direct 2 U                                 Bike Racks                                               245.70                49.14         294.84

Gail Foster                                Nov+Dec Salary + expenses                  2,865.72                  0.00       2,865.72

Garden Buildings Direct            shed                                                          345.34                69.06         414.40

Gordon Farleigh Fire                 Fire Risk Assessment                                 228.00                  0.00           228.00

Green Grass Services                extra work at Churchyard                           166.25                  0.00           166.25

HFE Signs                                Carpark Signs                                              28.39                  5.68            34.07

Hillier Cash and Carry Romsey Hedging and Rabbit guards                         421.50                84.30         505.80

HMRC                                     NOV + DEC Tax and NI conts.                   982.96                  0.00           982.96

Homebase                                 Awning 7.1m+ endpanel                         2,550.00              510.00  3,060.00

King’s Somborne Village Hall    room hire IT sessions                                 32.00                   0.00             32.00

King’s Somborne Village Hall    Computer club – January                             36.00                   0.00             36.00

Kings Somborne School Assoc Donation                                                   50.00                   0.00                50.00

Peter Vane Plumber                   NEW BLACK SOIL PIPES                        375.00                  0.00           375.00

Proline Fencing & Decking Ltd fences and gates                                  16,369.50          3,273.90           19,643.40

Simon Nightingale                    SLR invoice December 2019                      41.67                   0.00             41.67

Smith Electrical                        balance PO KSPC 03PS                          1,422.00                  0.00       1,422.00

Test Valley Borough Council     moving bins at Rec for carpark                    38.25                   7.65             45.90

TTS surfacing limited                Car park marking                                   1,100.00              220.00  1,320.00

Unity Trust Bank                      Bank charges to 31 Dec                              18.00                   0.00             18.00

Wernick Refurbished Buildings Building and cooker and hob                  13,635.40          2,727.08           16,362.48

TOTALS                                             57,457.81             10,248.03         67,705.84


  • Receipts that had been received over the period were:

FROM                                     FOR                                                    TOTAL

Blackwell & Moody Ltd            Memorial inscription                                    60.00

Hampshire County Council        Recreation ground hire                                 62.50

Hampshire County Council        Grant – Community Building                 25,000.00

Member of Public                     Donation for cemetery upkeep                      50.00

Minibus organiser                     Minubus trip Dec income                             56.00

Test Valley Borough Council     TEMPORARY LOAN                          30,000.00

TOTALS                                             55,228.50


  1. To consider and if appropriate confirm the setting of the Precept for 2020/21.


  • Resolved: Unanimously, that the Precept be set at £60,970.00 and delivered to TVBC as soon as possible. Action: Clerk


  1. To consider and if appropriate approve the amendment to the lease of the community building.


  • A schedule had been prepared showing the changes suggested. It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the changes. Action: Clerk.


  1. To consider and set a date for the Parish Assembly in 2020.


  • It was RESOLVED: Unanimously that the Assembly be held on the evening of Wednesday 29th April 2020. The Village Hall would be booked. Action: Clerk.


  1. To consider if Councillor application and/or person specification forms might be required and if so to consider/approve wording.


  • It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve the draft documents. The forms would be emailed to interested parties and made available on the website. Action: Clerk.


  1. To vote on a Councillor to join the Planning Committee


  • It was RESOLVED unanimously that Cllr Beacham to join the Planning Committee. Councillors were grateful for the extra time commitment this placed on Cllr Beacham.


  1. To consider correspondence received and action to take.
    • Notices regarding Councillor resignations had been displayed. TVBC advised that the Council needed to wait until 10th January in case residents called for a by-election. If that did not happen, the Council were free to co-opt at the next meeting if any eligible persons came forward.
    • TVBC had advised that they were holding Action Plan events for rural areas in the coming months. Meetings would be held from 6.30pm onwards. No agendas had been set and TVBC would be asked to give further information. Action: Clerk.
    • The contractor who was responsible for the SLR (Speed Limit Reminder) sign had advised that it had been tampered with. A padlock had been suggested for the batteries. This would be considered by the Safe Travel Working Group when funds from Section 106 had been obtained.
    • Notification had been received from TVBC that the Diocese of Winchester had applied to de-register the Allotments as an Asset of Community Value and that this was being actioned. The Clerk had responded that a planning application was pending on the site and that this had been objected to by a large number of residents and had asked TVBC to confirm if the sale of land had actually taken place. On the day of the meeting TVBC had advised that the disposal had not yet been proved and consequently the registration as an Asset of Community Value was maintained. This would be monitored. Action: Clerk.
    • Councillors discussed that if the Planning application on the allotments site was approved then the houses detailed in the application would not count against the total required build amount provided for in the NDP. This would mean that the NDP would have to be amended. Sarah Hughes at TVBC would be contacted and asked for advice and then this would be discussed with the Chairman. Action: Clerk.
    • Bishop’s Waltham Parish Council had advertised a Routine Playground Inspection Course on Thursday 13 February 2020. Cllr Dack was not able to attend and an ex-Councillor was still happy to carry out the Playground inspections
    • Carter Jonas had asked for a meeting with Diocese of Winchester and PC. It was agreed that the Chair and Vice-Chair would attend if necessary once the reason for the meeting had been ascertained. Action: Clerk.
    • HCC had advised that they were retendering the Bus service route 16. Littleton and Harestock PC had asked if times could be reviewed and a meeting with HCC and King’s Somborne, Stockbridge and Crawley Parish Councils was being arranged. HCC would be asked if the times could be amended so that connecting services could be accessed. Action: Clerk.
  2. To consider a grant request for a replacement Fire-Safety door at the Working men’s club.


  • Cllr Harwood explained the financial position of the Working Men’s Club and advised that a new Fire Door and frame was required due to the deteriorating condition of the current one. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, with Cllr Harwood abstaining from the voting that the PC would give £1,000 for a replacement. The position relating to VAT would be checked prior to purchase. Action: Clerk.


  1. To receive an update on the current Resilience Plan and to consider actions to take.


  • Cllr Webb reported that he had reviewed the existing plan which only needed contact details to be amended. Action Cllr Hughes.
  • It was suggested that Councillors living in the area of the Parish susceptible to flooding register for flood alerts which could be passed to neighbours by email. Action: Cllrs Dack and Hodge.


  1. Clerk’s Monthly Report


  • Graffiti had been reported on the Skate Ramp at the recreation Ground. Black Paint would be obtained and the offensive display painted over. Action: Clerk.
  • The Charity Commission Annual Return had been completed on the 17th
  • A community bus Scheme was being investigated and Broughton PC had been contacted.


  1. To receive Councillors’ reports, as appropriate, on actions taken and related matters


  • It was questioned when the car park in the Village Hall would be completed. It was reported that the ground was too wet to rake and then lay the netting on the grass and afterwards to re-seed. The Dragon’s teeth had been ordered and paid for and would be replaced as soon as possible.


  • A councillor felt the white lines marking the car park were too narrow, however it was reported that the plan and measurements had been required by TVBC as part of the Community building planning application.


  • The plans for the VE Day celebration were progressing. It had been felt that the Recreation Ground / Village Hall would be the best location and a singer had been booked for the evening. Tickets would be free of charge and available for the whole Parish. Participants would be expected to bring their own drinks. A proposal for costs would be prepared for the next meeting. Action: Cllr Hodge and Clerk.


  • It was reported that the hedge alongside New lane had been cut and the debris had found it’s way into the Borne resulting in blockages. The owner of the hedge would be contacted. Action: Clerk.


  • The Safe Travel team would be meeting with HCC on 17th. January to discuss ideas and access to Section 106 funds allocated to Highways. A report would be given at the next meeting. Action: Cllr Beacham.


  • Cllrs discussed the possibility of setting up a Parish Volunteer database. There are increasing demands being placed on the Parish Council and it would be helpful if certain tasks could be shared by residents. It was noted that many people do not want to join committees or become soley responsible for undertaking roles, but equally are happy to lend a hand now and again when asked. There are many people who have skills that would be useful to groups and clubs but are not involved with them. Cllrs would consider how to get more of the community engaged and to find out which clubs needed assistance. Thought would be given to how details of volunteers could be kept in line with GDPR requirements. Action: Clerk.|


  1. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting – Monday 3rd February 2020 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne


There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.32pm