Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
held online via the Zoom platform on Monday 4th May 2020 at 7.00pm

Present: Cllr I Beacham
Cllr L Hodge
Cllr K Hughes
Cllr G Searle
Cllr O Wales
Cllr R Webb

In Attendance: Mrs G Foster (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)

Also present: No members of the public were present for the meeting.

354. Election of Chairman and signing for acceptance of office.

354.1. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that Councillor Hughes be elected as Chairman and that signature of acceptance of office would take place at the earliest opportunity that the Clerk could witness in person.

355. Election of Vice-Chairman.

355.1. Councillor Harwood had advised the Clerk prior to the meeting that he was happy to stand again for the position of Vice-Chairman. No other candidates were proposed and it was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that Councillor Harwood be elected as Vice-Chairman.

356. Apologies for Absence

356.1. Cllrs Harwood, Qassim and Whitehead had sent their apologies.

357. Public Session

357.1. No members of the public were present.

358. To receive reports from C/Cllr Andrew Gibson and B/Cllr I Jeffrey.

358.1. Cllr Gibson had emailed a report which had been circulated prior to the meeting and posted on the website.

359. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 2nd and 16th March 2020

359.1. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously that the minutes of the meeting held on 02nd and 16th March which had been circulated prior to the meeting be accepted as a true record. The chairman would sign the minute book at the next available opportunity.

360. To consider matters arising from those minutes.

360.1. No matters were raised.

361. To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee meetings held on 2nd & 16th March and 20th April.

361.1. Councillor Searle asked that an amendment be made to the minutes of 20th April and the revision would be sent to TVBC planning. Action: Clerk.

362. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

362.1. No changes to the published declarations of interest were declared.

363. To consider candidates for co-option, and to co-opt a new member if thought appropriate.

363.1. Councillors had read the application form provided by Mr Peter Duncan and it was Proposed: by Cllr Beacham, Seconded: Cllr Wales RESOLVED: Unanimously, that Mr Duncan be co-opted to the council. Councillors and the Clerk were able to view the signature of the acceptance of office form and it would be collected along with a Declaration of interest form, by the Clerk before the next meeting. It was noted that Cllr Duncan would abstain from voting on the rest of the agenda items.

364. To approve the payments of account made until 31st March 2020.

364.1. The following payments had been made up until 31st March and were RESOLVED: Unanimously, as approved.
364.1.1. Test Valley Borough Council Interest for loan £69.04.
364.1.2. Unity Trust Bank Bank Charges for quarter £18.00.

365. To receive and approve the RFO’s Financial reports until year end.

365.1. The Clerk had provided the following reports which had already been reviewed by the auditor. The reports were additionally available on the website:
365.1.1. Explanation of the spending compared to the agreed budget.
365.1.2. Accounts Report
365.1.3. Final Budget report
365.1.4. Trial Balance and Balance Sheet
365.1.5. Earmarked reserves statement
365.1.6. Detailed Income and Expenditure report.
365.1.7. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that the accounts be approved.

366. To note the Internal Auditor’s summary of Audit & receive the Annual Internal Audit Report – AGAR page 3

366.1. Councillors noted that a copy of the Auditor’s report had been circulated and posted on the website. All control objectives had been approved on the Annual Internal Audit report, (AGAR page3.)

367. To approve the Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 (AGAR section 1 page 4).

367.1. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that the Annual Governance Statement be approved and signed by the Chairman. This signature would be actioned as soon as possible. Action: Clerk & Cllr Hughes.

368. To approve the Accounting Statements (AGAR section 2 page 5)

368.1. Councillors noted that the Statement had previously been checked by the auditor and it was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that the Accounting Statements be approved and signed by the Chairman. This would be actioned as soon as possible. Action: Clerk & Cllr Hughes.

369. To decide if any actions should be taken as a result of the Auditor’s report.

369.1. The only recommendation made by the auditor had been to arrange for the invoices relating to the Over 50s Minibus Trips to be addressed to the Council directly. This had already been arranged. Councillors agreed no other actions were required.

370. To consider business as per the Annual Meeting requirements listed in the Standing Orders section 5, j, v-xxii (page 10-11).
370.1. It was noted that no recommendations had been made by a committee of the council.

370.2. The delegation arrangements to the Clerk and Committees and local authorities were reviewed. Prior delegations were re-approved, and the Clerk would be additionally allowed to request extensions for planning application comments.
370.3. A discussion was held regarding the terms of reference for the Planning Committee. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that the second meeting of the month would be cancelled if planning deadlines for comments could be extended. However, should this not be possible, then the Clerk would summons Councillors to a second meeting. During the period that meetings could be held virtually, the Planning meeting prior to the Full Council meeting on the first Monday of the Month would be cancelled and planning applications would be considered on the third Monday of the Month at 7.00pm in order that Cllr Webb could attend. This would be reviewed as and when meetings could be held in person.
370.4. The schedule of appointments was reviewed. Cllr Duncan would share the responsibility of checking the Up Somborne play area with a member of the public who had volunteered to help. Check sheets would be forwarded to both. Action: Clerk.
370.5. Cllr Beacham would take on the responsibility for checking the Muss Lane Playground, and Cllr Searle would also check the footpath at Froghole Lane. Dog walkers would be approached to ask if they would report issues with footpaths. Action: All. A map would be provided and a list drawn up. Action: Clerk.
370.6. It was noted that it would be helpful to map all grit bins in the Parish. Councillors would advise the Clerk of bins near their properties. Action: All.
370.7. Councillors discussed whether a new committee needed to be formed. It was agreed that a committee requiring public meetings was not required. It was suggested instead that it would be helpful to have a Borne Working Group that could schedule maintenance from Spring Pond down to Horsebridge. Cllr Beacham would head up the working group which would include Cllrs Searle and Wales and members of the public that volunteered. The Environment Agency would be asked to help and the Clerk would ask if the local area manager was happy for his contact details to be distributed. Action: Clerk. A plan would be put together outlining the basis for the Working Group. Action: Cllr Searle.
370.8. It was noted that the Standing Orders differed from the NALC version that had been updated in 2018. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that the Standing Orders would be revised during June 2020 and a summary of changes would be provided to council for the July meeting. The Annexes would be removed and listed separately as Policies. The Financial Regulations will be scheduled for Review in August 2020 and yearly thereafter. Action: Clerk.
370.9. A schedule of arrangements and legal agreements with other local authorities and not-for-profit bodies and businesses had been provided and the details were noted along with the arrangements for work and reporting back.
370.10. Councillors noted the inventory of land and other assets as detailed in the formal yearly Accounts. The Clerk asked if further detail or explanation was required and this was not considered necessary.
370.11. It was noted that the insurance policy had been renewed in October 2019. Some amendments had been requested and the full schedule of cover would be presented at the next meeting. Action: Clerk.
370.12. Councillors had been provided with a list of subscriptions and memberships that the Council currently paid for and it was RESOLVED: Unanimously, that the subscriptions would continue for the another year. Action: Clerk.
370.13. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, to defer review of the Council’s Complaints Procedure until October 2020. Action: Clerk.
370.14. A schedule showing all the Council’s policies had been drawn up with suggested dates for review of each. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously to approve the timetable. The Action List would be revised for the coming year. Action: Clerk.
370.15. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, to defer review of the Council’s policy for dealing with the press/media until December 2020. Action: Clerk.
370.16. It was RESOLVED: Unanimously, to defer review of the Council’s Employment policies and procedures until September 2020. Action: Clerk.
370.17. Council noted that £1,725 had been spent during the previous financial year on s.137 payments.
370.18. Meeting dates up until May next year were approved and the dates would be publicised on the website. Action: Clerk.

371. To approve the Payment of the Accounts and sign the bank reconciliation for April 2020.

371.1. The Bank accounts were noted to be holding £10,207.39 and £48,989.36, the Chairman would sign the bank reconciliation as soon as possible.
371.2. A schedule of payments had been sent to all Councillors. RESOLVED: Unanimously, to approve the payments as below:
371.3. Aviva Pensions EE+ER pension contributions 148.10 0.00 148.10
371.4. Gail Foster Salary and Expenses 1,548.49 0.00 1,548.49
371.5. Green Grass Services 2019/20 invoices 1,067.00 0.00 1,067.00
371.6. Hampshire County Council Street light maintenance 22.07 4.42 26.49
371.7. HMRC Tax payments 502.76 0.00 502.46
371.8. KS Village Hall Hire of hall for pantomime 250.00 0.00 250.00
371.9. KS Village Hall Grass Seed 61.46 0.00 61.46
371.10. Lightatouch Auditor 150.00 0.00 150.00
371.11. Seagrave Inspection Playground safety inspection 239.00 47.80 286.80
371.12. Simon Whitehead Website hosting at cost 37.50 0.00 37.50
371.13. TVBC Grounds Maintenance 1,336.03 267.21 1,603.24
371.14. TVBC Dog Waste Bin emptying 600.00 120.00 720.00
371.15. Unity Services Minibus payment for January 82.80 0.00 82.80
TOTAL 6,045.21 439.43 6,484.64

371.16. Receipts that had been received over the period were:
TVBC Precept 30,485.00
TVBC Business Support Grant 10,000.00
TVBC Covid-19 Volunteer support Grant 500.00
TOTAL 40,985.00

372. To review and note the decisions made outside of meetings.

372.1. The following decisions had been made outside of meetings which were unanimously agreed as being appropriate as they had already been budgeted for.
372.1.1. Continuation of the Grounds Maintenance contract with Test Valley Borough Council. The Clerk had signed the contract.
372.1.2. Renewal of the Weed Control Maintenance contract for one year, work needed to be carried out prior to the meeting and had been effected on 20th April.
372.1.3. Continuation of the SLR contract with Simon Nightingale. The Clerk had signed the contract.
372.1.4. After consultation with the Chair, the Clerk had paid for a month subscription of £11.99 to Zoom in order to hold the meeting virtually without interruption.

373. To receive an update on the VE Day revised program and costs.

373.1. Due to the pandemic the original street party had been cancelled, but residents were invited to decorate their houses and have a socially distancing picnic in their own gardens. A timetable of events had been put on the facebook page and on the website and would be distributed by the Street Wardens. Parishioners were invited to listen to the programmes on the television and radio who would be playing music from 1945 and the original news broadcasts. No costs were anticipated.

374. To consider if the Council should provide hardware for councillors to join virtual meetings.

374.1. Councillors discussed the issues that some councillors were facing and decided that some extra support would be given to those struggling to connect to virtual meetings. Action: Cllr Webb. It may be possible to loan a device to any councillor who could not connect and therefore the issue of costs would be deferred until further investigations had been made.

375. To note that the Annual Assembly is cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

375.1. All present had noted the statement detailing the reasons that the Assembly could not be held virtually.

376. To note the Clerk’s Monthly report including correspondence received and to decide on action to take if necessary.

376.1. Councillors noted the following that had been reported:
376.1.1. On 22nd April the recreation ground was treated for weed control by the same contractor as last year.
376.1.2. Some Grants had been applied for: Covid 19 Support for the Community Building £10,000 and Covid-19 Police & Crime Commissioner Support £ 200. Responses were pending.
376.1.3. The War Memorial had been cleared of wreaths on 2nd May by the RBL representative. On 8th May a single wreath would be placed at the Memorial for VE Day and this would be repeated on VJ Day in August.
376.1.4. Councillor Training was on hold until the Lockdown was relaxed.
376.1.5. A request for a grant had been received from Victim Support. This would be added to the June Agenda.
376.1.6. An email had been received from a resident regarding dangerous parking at The White Chapel on Winchester Road. This had been passed to the planning team at TVBC.
376.1.7. Flashing lights had been ordered for outside the school.
376.1.8. A letter from a resident had been received regarding the NDP. It questioned how the 40m contour line reference in policy E4 had been arrived at as it ruled out 7 sites in the village. A request was made to re-examin the site selection criteria.
376.1.9. Complaints had been received regarding adults playing Golf at Muss Lane Recreation Ground. A quote for a sign stating “No Golf” would be obtained. Action: Clerk.
376.1.10. A “Thank you” had been received from the Pre-school team for the Community Building completion, it had been forwarded to all councillors.

377. To receive Councillors’ reports, as appropriate, on actions taken and related matters.

377.1. Cllr Beacham reported that the Traffic Calming work was looking promising although it was taking longer than had been originally thought due to the delays being imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The council had placed the order for the flashing lights to be placed outside the school. A full update would be given at the next meeting.
377.2. Cllrs Webb and Whitehead were working on improving the IT infrastructure. It was noted that there were issues with emails not arriving. Costs for improvements would be presented at the next meeting. Action: Cllrs Webb and Whitehead.
377.3. Cllr Hughes thanked everyone for the hard work that had been put in during the last financial year, particularly to the Street Wardens and neighbours and volunteers working to keep everyone safe in the village.

378. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting – Monday 1st June 2020 online via Meeting ID: 545 771 0691 – Password: 2304

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 20.53 pm