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Annual Report 2008 – 9



ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009

This Annual Report has been produced with the intention of helping the residents of The Sombornes become more familiar with the work of the Parish Council. The Report summarises the activities and responsibilities of the Council during the past year.


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King’s Somborne Parish Council

c/o 2 Old Fromans Farm King’s Somborne Stockbridge SO20 6QD


Name Tel no Address

Cllr Ron Bevan 01794 388545 1 The Gorrings, King’s Somborne, SO20 6NT

Cllr David Bidwell 01794 388939 6 Nutchwer’s Drove

King’s Somborne SO20 6PA

Cllr Dick Dyke 01794 388525 1 Vicarage Cottages, Chairman Old Vicarage Lane King’s Somborne SO20 6PZ Cllr

Frank Fahy 01794 388314 2 Vicarage Cottages Old Vicarage Lane King’s Somborne S020 6PZ

Cllr Richard Harwood 01264 810314 4 Marsh Court Farm Cottages, Romsey Road, Stockbridge SO20 6JB


Robbie Lane 01794 388792 Charmwood, Up Somborne, Stockbridge SO20 6RA


Gordon Pearson 01794 388662 Yew Tree Cottage, Romsey Road, King’s Somborne SO20 6PR


Roy Pidgeon 01794 388051 32 Scott Close, King’s Somborne SO20 6NS

Cllr David Room 01794 389344 2 Camp Field, King’s Somborne SO20 6QB

Cllr John Werrett 01794 389311 5 Camp Field King’s Somborne SO20 6QB


Cllr Tony Ward 01794 389649 5 Forge Close King’s Somborne SO20 6FA


Cllr Michael Woodhall 01264 810500 The Granary, North Houghton, Fax: 01264 811118 Stockbridge SO20 6LF


Peter Storey OBE FCIS, 2 Old Fromans Farm, King’s Somborne, Stockbridge SO20 6QDTel: 01794 389688 Fax: 01794 389220 email:


Planning Committee

Cllr David Room Chairman

Cllr David Bidwell

Four Councillors as required

Newsletter Committee

Cllr Dick Dyke


Parish Website Committee

Cllr John WerrettClerk

Councillors are co-opted onto these and other committees as the need arises



Footpath Warden Dr Stephen Rake

Tree Warden Colin Matthews

Village Hall liaison Cllr Dick Dyke

Council for the Protection of Rural England Cllr Gordon Pearson

Neighbourhood Watch Cllrs David Bidwell and Gordon Pearson

Tarmac Liaison Group Cllr Gordon Pearson

Flood Watch Cllr John Werrett

Cubs/Scouts liaison Cllr Roy Pidgeon

Test Valley Planning Users Group Cllr David Room

Compton Estate liaison Cllr Dick Dyke

Lead Councillors:

Farming Community liaison Cllr Richard Harwood

Three Fields site Cllr Ron Bevan

Road Safety Cllr John Werrett

Sport Cllr Richard Harwood

Young People Cllrs Ron Bevan and Roy Pidgeon

Transport Cllrs David Bidwell and John Werrett

Up Somborne liaison Cllr Robbie Lane

TVBC Environment Action Group Cllr Richard Harwood


Presented by Councillor Dick Dykeat the Annual Parish Assembly held at the King’s Somborne Village HallThursday 7 May 2009

Following the precedent set by my predecessor this report is being published in the Gauntlet prior to the May Parish Assembly meeting. It must be remembered that all parish councillors are voluntary and unpaid for their services to this community. At the beginning of the meeting I will introduce visiting guests and each council member and give a resume of their specific responsibilities before we deal with the formal business and take any matters arising from the public present. As mentioned in last year’s Report, the Parish Plan is the Council’s mandate to do that which is most important to you. We have sought volunteers to update this document and so far we have received only one person wishing to take on the work. This may prove a rather daunting task for a single person and it may therefore be more prudent for two or three people to share the responsibility. As this would be an update of the original document, the original could act as an ‘aide-memoire’; we hope that this work can be finalised this year remembering the aim is to be published by 2010. You may have read that for the coming year we have frozen the Parish Council’s Precept (tax). This decision was taken after much debate, and I think we had hoped that it might have set a precedent for the Borough and County Councils. Alas, this was not to be so, but at least we have done our small bit to relieve the tax burden on our local community. Whilst this action may be welcome, it does have ramifications on the money available to carry out this Council’s ambitions regarding various purchases and repairs around the Parish. To this end we will have to draw on our reserves. Any clarification you may have on our finances can be sought from our Clerk after he addresses the meeting. During the last year we have awarded grants to various village organisations such as the Cricket Club, the Village Hall development scheme and the Scouts. Details of these grants have been published in our monthly minutes. As regards the coming year, we see the need to focus on the children’s play area in King’s Somborne, this will entail the replacement of, and purchasing of, new equipment. The total cost could run into tens of thousands of pounds, hopefully grants can be obtained. Another scheme which I am very keen to see is the removal of the steps in the passage/footpath between the Scott Close area and Palace Farm and replacing them with an easy going ramp with a non-slip surface. This I hope will enable pushchairs and wheelchair owners to use the access more easily giving them a choice between this passage and Eldon Road. It is hoped this scheme can be financed to a great extent by Hampshire County Council, as the area is under their jurisdiction, and I am hoping we can request their full involvement not least using their health and safety rules as a prime reason for the change. Another scheme which we hope to implement this year is the development of an area of biodiversity. This will probably be in the ‘square area’ of the John O’ Gaunt field. We have already had discussions with English Heritage (the owners) who have indicated, quite strongly, their support for the scheme. The Council is also in discussion with developers and Test Valley Borough Council on plans to build 18 affordable properties at the end of the existing properties along Eldon Road. The proposals include 2, 3 and 4 bedroom terrace and semi-detached houses. The developers, who are Hyde Martlet Housing, have confirmed they will be rented properties with allocation priority being given to Parish and Borough families in that order. From a recent discussion with Hyde Martlet, it would seem that these properties should be ready by 2010 and plans for public viewing should be available in the Parish by mid-late summer. Finally, on behalf of the whole Parish, I would like to thank my predecessor David Bidwell for the work he has done on behalf of the Borough and the Parish, he was a Borough Councillor for 4 years, and Chairman of our Parish Council for 11. Fortunately, he remains on the Parish Council. As I am sure you will realise, I am new to the post of Chairman, and to that end, I thank Peter Storey our Clerk, who on a number of occasions has guided me along the appropriate path – although sometimes he has needed to give me the occasional nudge to prevent me straying from the track – thank you Peter. I would also like to thank on your behalf Steven Rake, our footpath warden, Colin Matthews, our tree warden, and Mike Rebbeck who undertakes grounds maintenance on our behalf. Without these and other volunteers we would not have the thriving community that we all enjoy.



Precept 26750 26000

Bank & Other Interest 1464 1017

Burial Board Income:

Interments 1960 1000 Memorials 815 1770

Purchased Graves

Income from Recreation Ground 283 283

VAT – on income – repaid by Customs & Excise 2301 2831

Donations 327 933

Misc grants received 10371

TOTAL INCOME 44271 32384


General Administration:

Clerk’s salary & expenses 8740 7436
Insurance premium 1770 1683

Audit fee 845 675

HAPTC – Sub & LCR 249 678 Courses, publications 81 145 Facility hire 120 250 Councillors’ expenses Elections 1537 Other admin costs 485 13827 1243
S137 Expenditure/

Parish furniture/Boards 2941

Parish Clock – maintenance & electricity 408 202

Village Hall 3013 2108
Other Grants 18050 1454

Misc maintenance, street lights 2648 Burial Board Expenditure:

Grass cutting 762 738 Rates 95

Other works 448 1210 489 1322

Open Spaces:

Churchyard 1987 1531 Village Green 982 1137

Muss Lane 80 49

Up Somborne Recreation Ground 202 180 King’s Somborne Recreation Ground 1406 2443

Play equipment – repairs/purchases 285 159 Community safety 33 646

Three Fields 2177 7152 349

VAT on Payments 4535 2379




Total Income 44271 32384 80625 65838

less Total Expenditure 48195 29484

Balance at 31 March 32430 36354

Notes on General Fund The Parish Council has committed the following amounts for future projects and liabilities as follows: Provision for purchase of Top Field 15000

Uncommitted funds 1743032430

KING’S SOMBORNE PARISH COUNCILBALANCE SHEET AS AT 31 MARCH 2008 LONG TERM ASSETS 2008 2007 £ £ £ £ Investments nil nil Long Term Debts nil nil nil nil


Stocks & Stores nil nil

Work in progress nil nil Debtors nil nil

Payments in advance nil nil

VAT Recoverable 3031 797

Bank Balances 32053 35084 35977 36774

TOTAL ASSETS 35084 36774


Creditors 400 420


Long Term Liabilities nil nil

NET ASSETS 34684 36354

REPRESENTED BY: General Fund 19654 21354

Provisions 15000 15000 34684 36354 Signed ……………… ……………………. Chairman Responsible Financial Officer Date Date 12 May 2008


SCHEDULES ASSETS £ The following Fixed Assets were held at 31 March 2008:

Community Assets

Cemetery & Extension – Stockbridge Road nil

Lay-by opposite Cemetery nil

Village & War Memorial Green nil

Muss Lane Open Space nil

Up Somborne Recreation Ground nil

Kings Somborne Children’s Play Area * nil

Old Palace Farm Land nil

Extension to Kings Somborne Recreation Ground* nil

* the remainder of the King’s Somborne Recreation Ground is owned by Fields in Trust and the Parish Council acts as Managing Trustee.

Other Fixed Assets £

Brick Wall – Cemetery 4178

Church yard flint wall 27736

13 Wooden/concrete Seats 6181

3 Bus Shelters (Eldon Road, Rookley, Village Green) 8786

War Memorial 19294

Play Equipment 27270

Parish Clock 5202

Gates – Cemetery Extension/Cemetery 5112

Light – KSRG 515

Skate Ramp – KSRG 12652

Clare Norton Painting (Shire Horses), Village Hall wall 5151

Litter bin 93

Filing cabinet 55

Notice board (Horsebridge) 1424

Play safety surfaces 24541

Speed Indicator Device 2650

Trim trail 12863 163744

The basis of valuation of the Assets is their insurance valuation during Financial Year 2007-2008, with the exception of Community Land which is valued at nil. The flint wall at the Churchyard is insured for £27736. Although owned by the Parochial Church Council, the wall is the responsibility of the Parish Council for maintenance; as the Churchyard is ‘closed’ by Order in Council.

Borrowings At the close of business on 31 March 2008 no loans to the Council were outstanding.

Leases The Council has a ten year lease on John O’ Gaunt Palace site and Upper Field.

Tenancies The Council is an agricultural tenant of land at Old Palace Farm.

Agency work None

Advertising None

S137 Payments Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 enables a Parish Council to spend up to the product of £5.64 per head of electorate in 2007/08 for the benefit of people in the area of activities or projects not specifically authorised by other powers.

Contingent Liabilities and Pensions There are no contingent liabilities relating to pensions or any other matters.

Signed …………………… ……………………….. Chairman Responsible Financial Officer Date …………………….. ………………………..
RFOs Report – Annual Parish Assembly 2009

The key to local authority accounting is the Annual Return. This is a document completed by me as RFO, signed off by our auditor and then submitted to the Audit Commission for verification. A copy of the last audited and accepted Annual Return, which is for the year ended 31 March 2008, is available in the room and, as you will see, contains the acceptance certificate from the Audit Commission. It is by nature of the procedure historical. At the risk of consuming you with figures, I have also provided copies of the detailed Income and Expenditure accounts for the year ended 31 March 2008 which went into compiling the Annual Return; these also show a comparison with the previous year ended 31 March 2007. For the financial year just ended on 31 March 2009, the budgeted income for the year was £33,750 against an actual income of £37,465, a surplus on income of £3,715, £1,500 of which is external grant monies held on behalf of other organisations. There was a budgeted expenditure of £38,100 against an actual spend of £47,714, an overspend on budget of £9,614 due to the purchase of the speed indicator device and two bus shelters.

When I attend presentations by other organisations on their accounts, I am more interested in financial trends and, looking at KSPC over the last 3 years, revenue expenditure has increased slightly year on year primarily due to inflation. Expenditure is financed by income of around £3k plus pa, the Precept (council tax), which last year was £30,000, and a contribution from the Parish Council’s reserves. Despite unavoidable increases under some expense headings and a commitment to support the Village Hall in its renovation programme, your Council has seen fit to retain the Precept at its present level of £30,000 for the financial year 2009/10 yet still continue to provide the variety of services it has in the past. However, it cannot go on relying on diminishing reserves which have reduced by £10,200 in the year just ended and now stand at £24,435 although this is still a healthy balance given the advice is to hold an amount in reserves up to that equal to one year’s administrative costs which in our case were £17,800.

Of interest, the average Band D household in the Parish pays £42.25 pa for the services, support and improvements provided by the Parish Council with those in lower council tax bands paying less and those in higher paying slightly more. Not an extortionate amount I would suggest but one which places the Parish Council in a strong position financially to continue to implement many of the suggestions contained within the Parish Plan and its eventual update to continue enhancing the village facilities for the general benefit of us all.

Thank you.

Peter Storey RFO


Clerk to the Parish Council Peter J Storey OBE FCISand Responsible Finance Officer 2 Old Fromans Farm, King’s Somborne Stockbridge SO20 6QD Tel: 01794 389668 Fax: 01794 389220 Email:


The Parish Council has a webpage on The Sombornes website containing information on the Parish, contact details for Councillors and staff, and copies of past meeting minutes. The website also contains information on local organisations with contact details and much more. The site is being updated continuously and the Website Committee welcomes suggestions from the general public. Links to other websites are being incorporated with the aim of promoting the website as a central resource for community information and the Parish Council is committed to these improvements in communication and the passage of information. The website address is:


In addition to the monthly report on Parish Council activities in The Sombornes magazine, an occasional King’s Somborne Parish Council Newsletter is issued during the year and is posted on the Village notice boards. Copies are also available from local shops and surgeries. The Clerk welcomes information from local residents which would be of general interest to others and this can be given to him or e-mailed to


There are seven notice boards situated around the Parish. The boards are community boards available for any resident to display suitable notices and to this end are not locked. The Clerk updates the Parish Council notices weekly as necessary.


A volunteer committee of residents produces a free monthly magazine which is distributed to every household in The Sombornes and contains a variety of useful local information on events and traders. The Village Reporter, a local volunteer resident, attends the Parish Council’s meetings and reports on the discussions and decisions made for the magazine.