Co-opted to KSPC: 11th July 2022     Elected to KSPC: 4th May 2023

Reasons for standing as a Parish Councillor

While I am relatively new to the village, I have already fallen in love with the place and the people that live here.  I want to do something to help them, and perhaps offer what stewardship I can on some of the most local and immediate of issues.

I have always had an interest in the most local, niche, and low-level of governance, and feel that I have the skills and temperament to offer something of value within it.

Life Experience brought to Council

  • Experience in legal case management and advice
  • Student liaison on the Board of Studies of City Law School
  • Representative on the Ageas Staff Council
  • Head of Student Council
  • Completed several multi-million-pound projects within the insurance industry
  • Currently run a risk and governance function.

Skills brought to Council

  • Project management skills and qualifications
  • Business Analyst skills and qualifications
  • Called to the Bar and legal qualifications
  • Skills in regulatory and contractual interpretation
  • Risk management skills
  • Team management
  • Have an affinity for making complex issues understandable for others.

Click here for the statutory register of pecuniary interests for Cllr Andy Jaggard

Council Role

KSPC Vice-Chair

KSPC Planning Committee – Member

KSPC Personnel Committee – Member

KSPC NDP Working Group – Member

KSPC Safe Travel Working Group – Member

KSPC Asset Checks – Speed Indicator Signs

KSPC Support – Social Media