Parish Council

AGM minutes May 2013



Minutes of the Parish Council Annual General Meeting

held in the Epworth Hall

commencing at 7.00pm on Monday 13 May 2013


Present:           Cllr R Harwood (Chairman)

                        Cllr A Brock

                        Cllr R Curtis

                        Cllr J Evans

                        Cllr F Fahy

                        Cllr R Lane

                        Cllr K Mercer (paras 60 to 79.1)


In Attendance:    Mr P J Storey (Clerk to King’s Somborne Parish Council)


Public Session


Mr Dyke, the Open Spaces Warden, was present for part of the meeting.


On behalf of Borough Councillor Ward, the Clerk informed the meeting of the series of working groups planned by B/Cllr Ward to produce a village design statement over the next few months.


  1. Co-option


59.1     Members agreed to bring forward the item on co-option and then gave consideration to the one applicant for the current vacancy who was invited to say a few words about himself before leaving the room temporarily.


59.2     Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Lane, RESOLVED with Cllr Curtis abstaining that Mr K Mercer be co-opted to the Parish Council.


Mr Mercer then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and took his seat at the table


  1. Apologies for absence.


60.1     Cllrs Herbert and Werrett; C/Cllr Gibson and B/Cllr Ward.


  1. Election of Chairman for 2013 – 14


61.1     Proposed Cllr Lane, Seconded Cllr Evans, RESOLVED with Cllr Harwood abstaining that Cllr Harwood be elected to the chairmanship for the year 2013 – 14.


  1. Election of Vice-Chairman for 2013 – 14


62.1     Proposed Cllr Lane, Seconded Cllr Curtis, RESOLVED with Cllr Brock abstaining that Cllr Brock  be elected Vice-Chairman for the year  2013 – 14.


  1. Election of Chairman of the Planning Committee


63.1     Proposed Cllr Lane, Seconded Cllr Brock, RESOLVED  with Cllr Harwood abstaining that Cllr Harwood be re-elected as Chairman of the Planning Committee.





  1. Appointments


64.1     The following appointments for 2013 – 14 were approved –


            Planning Committee

            Chairman – Cllr Harwood                                                                                 

            Members – Cllrs Curtis, Herbert, Lane, Mercer and Werrett


            Communications Strategy Group

            Chairman – Cllr Brock                                                                                                

            Members – Cllrs Evans, Lane and Werrett, others as required


            Lead Councillor

  1. Village Hall Management Committee               Cllr Fahy                                 
  2. Council for the Protection of Rural England    Cllr Fahy                                 
  3. Neighbourhood Watch                                     Cllr Brock                               
  4. Flood Watch                                                    Cllr Werrett                             
  5. Schools and Scouts liaison                               Cllr Curtis                               
  6. Test Valley Assn of Local Councils                 Cllr Harwood                
  7. Farming community liaison                             Cllr Brock                               
  8. Sports facilities                                                            Cllrs Fahy and Mercer                        
  9. Young people                                                  Cllr Curtis                               
  10. Transport matters                                             Cllr Evans                   
  11. Up Somborne liaison                                       Cllr Lane                                 
  12. Biodiversity                                                     Cllr Harwood                  
  13. Highways and road safety                               Cllr Fahy                                 
  14. Horsebridge liaison                                          Cllr Curtis                               
  15. Utilities liaison                                                 Cllr Brock                               



  1. Footpath Wardens                                            Mrs Alison Seymour               

                                                                                                    and Mr David Hayden        

  1. Tree Warden                                                    Mr Colin Matthews                 
  2. Open Space Warden                                        Mr Richard Dyke                    


            Clerk                                                                           Mr Peter Storey                                   

            Cemetery interments, records and maintenance

            Play equipment

            Parish notice boards


  1. Chairman’s announcements and Councillors’ questions


65.1     The Chairman thanked everyone for their support.  Cllr Harwood then thanked the outgoing chairman, Cllr Werrett, for his significant contribution during his two years as chairman and also took the opportunity to publicly congratulate ex-Cllr Roy Pidgeon on his being awarded the British Empire Medal and to thank Cllr Dawn Harrison on the occasion of her resignation for personal reasons.  The Clerk would write appropriately.

Action: Clerk


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 22 April 2013


66.1     Proposed Cllr Lane, Seconded Cllr Fahy, RESOLVED with Cllr Mercer abstaining that the minutes of the meeting held on 22 April 2013 be accepted as a true record.




  1. To consider any Matters Arising from those Minutes


67.1     There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere in these minutes.


  1. Declarations of Interest and Dispensations


68.1     None declared or requested.


  1. To consider Correspondence Received and determine any action required


69.1     None tabled. 


  1. To note the Planning Committee minutes as tabled


70.1     Minutes of the meeting held on 22 April 2013 had been circulated with the agenda.


70.2     Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Lane, RESOLVED with Cllr Mercer abstaining that the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 22 April 2013 be noted.


  1. To receive Councillors’ Reports


71.1     Cllr Curtis reported on the School’s project identifying how to improve the general amenities in the Village and, in particular, the biodiversity site on 3 Fields.


71.2     Cllr Fahy confirmed that assurances had been received that fresh water supplies would not be disrupted with increased building in the Test Valley area.  A planned new pipeline would draw water from the River Test and pipe it to the Itchen to facilitate this.   Members noted that all properties would be fitted with water meters within the next two years.


  1. To receive the RFO’s Report and Budget Monitoring


72.1     The Clerk reported that SITA had made monies available under their landfill scheme for recreation areas designated QE11Jubilee Fields to help fund improvements and he intended applying for a grant towards the costs of the MUGA.

Action: Clerk


  1. Payment of Accounts


73.1     Proposed Cllr Lane, Seconded Cllr Brock, RESOLVED with Cllr Mercer abstaining that the following accounts for April 2013 be approved for payment:


To                                For                               Net            VAT          Gross      Chq/Internet

Mr P Storey                 Salary/expenses         584.71                           584.71             BACs

BPC                            Shared costs                40.08                             40.08             BACs

HMRC                                    Tax/NIC                    340.00                           340.00             BACs

Mr A Cox                    Notice board repairs 203.23                            203.23             BACs

KS Village Hall           Hire charges                54.00                            54.00             BACs

Southern Water           KS rec water charge   75.12                              75.12             BACs

Totals                                                          1297.14                         1297.14                                              






  1. To adopt the Financial Accounts and approve the Statement of Assurance for the year ended 31 March 2013


74.1     The Financial Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013 had been circulated with the agenda papers.  The Clerk took Members through the Statement of Assurance which formed part of the Annual Return sent to the external auditors.


74.2     Proposed Cllr Brock, Seconded Cllr Lane RESOLVED  with Cllr Mercer abstaining that the Chairman and Clerk be authorised to sign the Financial Accounts and Statement of Assurance for the year ended 31 March 2013


  1. Application for Grant Aid


75.1     An application for a grant had been received from Victim Support to help them meet the costs of recruiting and training new volunteers.


75.2     Proposed Cllr Harwood, Seconded Cllr Lane RESOLVED unanimously that a grant of £50 be made to Victim Support to assist in meeting their costs of recruiting and training new volunteers.


  1. Training packs for new councillors


76.1     It was generally agreed that newly elected councillors would not only benefit from formal training such as that provided by HALC but also some local information pack on being elected.  The Communications Working Group would consider this with Cllr Evans in the lead and she would report back ideas by January 2014.

Action: Cllr Evans


  1. Speed indicator device update


77.1     Cllr Fahy reported on his recent visit with the Clerk to Hart District Council to view their speed indicator device in operation.  This device showed the speed of approach and digitally stored the information for subsequent analysis, something which our present device did not do.  Further consideration of the need to replace/update our device was deferred until the November meeting with a view to budgeting accordingly in the next financial year.  In the meantime, Cllr Fahy would investigate the likelihood of contracting out to a commercial company the need to maintain and rotate any new device and the Clerk would check TVBC’s interest being contracted.

Action: Cllr Fahy, Clerk


  1. Clerk’s monthly report


78.1     The Clerk reminded all present he had circulated the recent consultation from TVBC on the SHLAA proposals.  Full details were to be found on the TVBC website but in the meantime any comments thought appropriate should be forwarded to Cllr Herbert for collation.

Action: All


79        Date, time and place of next meeting


79.1    The next meeting will be on Monday 3 June 2013 at 7.00pm in the Epworth Hall, Winchester Road, King’s Somborne. 

Action: All



There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15pm