Kings Somborne Parish Council

Communications Sub Committee Meeting

9th December 2015 at the Crown Inn, Kings Somborne, 7.30pm


Present: Councillors Andrew Brock (AB) (Chair), Ryan Sutton (RS), Robbie Lane (RL), and Judith Evans (JE) (Minutes)

Also Present: Peter Storey (PS) (Clerk)

Apologies: Katie Hughes (KH), Simon Whitehead (SW)

Copies: Councillors (PS)

No. Minute Action
1. Previous Minutes  – all agreed


2. Actions from previous Minutes

RS to check that the poster had gone up on Twitter


SW to review website and check autofeeds to Facebook and Twitter were working

SW to also add Emergency Plan to the site as a printable .pdf file and to ensure Councillors profiles were up to date


RS explained it was not possible to get a Press Release done before the event so he would concentrate on post event press cover


PS to arrange for display of documents at Village Hall. AB to present from the stage if at all possible


AB to send list of working groups to JE for inclusion on response forms


RS to provide Data Protection wording to JE for inclusion on Response Forms



















3. Other Suggestions– RS explained Caroline Nokes could not attend the Launch event and suggested a short video from her to be included in the slides – all agreed her endorsement would be useful – RS to arrange


Recent village developments to be photographed to include Carn Brae, Lancaster Green, 4 new properties on Romsey Road (Old Garage site) Hunter Close, Old Fromans Farm, Parsonage Barns, Forge Close and Kings Acre


After the event all agreed attendees should be e-mailed to thank them and explain next steps. AB to prepare e-mail ready for RS to send via MailChimp within 48 hours


There was a discussion regarding the likely participation of the SOKs group and a brief from JE/RS about the SOKS meeting they attended on 08.12.15. All agreed that it would be great to see the SOKS members, however they should not be allowed to dominate the event










3. The Launch – Wednesday 16th December, 7.30 pm at the Village Hall.

150 people expected

PS to arrange for doors to be open at appx. 6pm


PS to write to all Councillors reminding them to attend with badges – dress code – smart casual


JE requested assistance with catering arrangements throughout the evening


Group to attend hot debrief immediately after the event













4. Next Meeting

Wednesday 13th January 2016, 7.30pm at The Crown