As a result of two new councillors joining the Parish Council at the meeting of 03rd February, we have updated the declaration of Interest register.

forms for the Full Council are listed below:

Chairman – Katie Hughes

Vice-Chair – Richard Harwood

Councillor Ian Beacham


Councillor Peter Duncan

Councillor Leonie Hodge

Councillor Michelle Qassim

Councillor Graham Searle

Councillor Owen Wales

Councillor Richard Webb

Councillor Simon Whitehead

The NDP Steering Group is no longer in operation as Full Council is now pushing the NDP project forward.  However prior members’ Register of interest forms are below:

Forms for the NDP Steering Group are also logged:

Andrew Brock

Cllr Hodge – as above

Cllr G Searle – as above dated July 2020

Mrs L Searle – awaiting copy of form

Mr Stjohn

Mrs J Mein

Mr J Davies